The 6 Best Building Podcasts of 2021

November 15, 2021



The best podcasts of the year (for now) are the building ones. There’s no way around it. These podcasts are all so good.

This year I have a very hard time finding a podcast that I'm listening to. I don't mean any disrespect, just because I have trouble listening to the same podcasts on the same day, I just don't have the time. For now, I only listen to podcasts that I listen to regularly. So this is what I'm going to do for the top building podcasts of 2021.

Okay. So first up, here are the six best building podcasts of 2020.

I picked these up as they were released and I’ve been keeping them on my “must-listen” list for so long, I couldn’t help but get in them when I saw them. These are all top-notch podcasts with loads of great information. I’m going to try and list a few of the more popular ones.

The very first one on the list is called "Waste of Time" - a podcast about being a building nerd that is a little bit too nerdy for my taste.

It's a bit more of a comedy and a bit less of an informative podcast but it's great for finding out about all the cool ideas that you can use to improve your own life. I've found that many of these ideas can actually be used in real life.

The second podcast on the list is called The Unofficial Builders Show - a podcast for building nerds who want to learn about all the cool ways that you can use these tools to build a better life. The show is very easy to listen to as it’s more of a “how-to” than a “how-to”. It also has a really good “what if” segment


The show is great because it's a good way to find out about new ideas that are working well for you.

The podcast is great because it's a good place to learn about all the cool new things that are possible to implement in your own life. It's also a good place to just figure out what you're going to do tomorrow, knowing that you're not going to be the only one you're trying to build a better life for.

It doesn't have to be a podcast. Even though the podcast format is similar to other podcast hosts, it's actually quite the opposite of those hosts. It's a show that tries to explain and highlight how things work and why they work, and how those things are going to change your life.

You can find similar podcasts that focus on specific fields like medicine or the military, but the best ones focus on personal growth.

There are some great podcasts out there that focus on a variety of topics, but they tend to focus on a specific subject not the whole person, but the individual person.

In the case of the building podcasts, the theme is personal growth. One of the best and easiest ways to get the most out of the podcast format is to give it a bit of a personal twist. Most podcasts are about the same general topic, but the hosts are allowed to give a different spin on it. Often, it becomes clear when the host has made up his mind about something. A lot of the time though, it doesn’t matter what you think.

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