The Fascinating Science of Dominion

November 23, 2021



What is it about life that makes it so fascinating? How does this thing called life not just make us feel alive, but also make us feel like we’re in charge? When we are the ones doing the controlling, we can’t help but wonder if we’re doing the right thing.

Dominion is a game of strategy, and that means there are a lot of decisions to be made.

Which direction should we take, and how much should we risk trying to save the world from a madman? How should I choose to kill him? These are all questions that are all too easy to answer in the wrong way, but in Dominion, the right way to answer them is by playing the game.

This is the place where we are at in the game. The game is a game of strategy, and in Dominion, we play as if they are the main characters of the game, where they are actually the main characters in the game, and they actually have a role in the game, which they are. That is, they are not the main character. They don't have any role in the game, and they are just a random guess at what will happen in the end.

Because they are the main character of the game, and they have no role in the game, you are allowed to play Dominion on your own computer.

You can play as the main character and have a role on the computer. That’s why people like to call their main character the player, and that’s why Dominion is a game of its own.

The only role that has to be played by the player, is to guess which planets are occupied by enemies, and the order in which those planets are taken. There are no missions, no objectives, no stories to tell, and no end. Dominion is a game of pure randomness. That is why it is so fun because the randomness is so strong that you are never really sure what you are getting into until your turn comes.

So why do so many games want a real-time strategy approach?

Well, for one thing, it's a bit boring. Second, it's a bit too easy to spend hours, maybe even months, in a game trying to figure out what the world is like. If they want to make their games more fun, they can actually add some strategy into the mix.


Well, some games have a real strategy in them. In fact, they are supposed to be more fun to play if you are doing something different, or if you are not getting a lot of the same things all the time. Think about space combat, for example. There are a few really great ways to play against different players. There will be a lot of different races, some of them big and some of them small, and the game will have different objectives (e.g.

These are just a couple of different ideas you can play with.

While there are certain strategies to play in the game's core game, the way we have been playing it has changed over the past year. One of the players took a break from it to work on a new game and that's where the strategy came in.

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