The Frightening Affect of Climate Change on Truck

November 05, 2021



We’ve been warned about the effects of climate change as far back as the 1970s. In the 1990s, this became apparent to us via satellite data and was a massive wake-up call. It was the beginning of a movement that I joined along with my colleague, John. In the years since we have seen the effects of climate change take hold.

The real issue here is that, like any other industry, trucking companies are facing changes. As the industry grows, the industry has to work with changing technologies in order to protect itself from changing conditions. Trucking is a high-stress industry that requires a lot of training and skill. As a result, the industry has to have a plan in place to cover these changes, and this includes new regulations and a lot of new technology.

The problem is when companies don't follow the rules and adopt new technologies, they can have a huge impact on their customers.

One of the largest trucking companies in the US has been hit hard with a huge number of recalls in the past two years. In fact, they've been hit with a total of 17 recalls in the last two years. This is because the company has been working with new technology and the changes in the trucking industry have caused the trucks to be more susceptible to problems.

Now lets get the big picture. In 2002 the US DOT issued a trucking industry rule that essentially required all new trucks to have air bags. The rule was put into place to protect those who work long hours and need to be safe. However, it was only a guideline from the federal government, and it is far from a perfect guide to a better way to operate.

In today's transportation systems, that guideline was seen as being too weak to protect the jobbing public.

In fact, trucking companies began lobbying to repeal the air bag rule. Instead, they argued that the rule was unnecessary and that the government should have allowed the technology (which only existed at the time) to take over the transportation industry. The argument was that the technology was already in use by other industries and that it was perfectly acceptable for it to be carried over to the trucking industry.

While it's true that the air bag rule was a good idea that came at a good time, it's not that simple.

The problem is that the technology of air bags was designed to be used in air bags and then be put into cars in the same way. You don't build a car without air bags, and the government was wrong in trying to prevent the technology from being used in air bags.


The good news is that a lot of the technology in cars was already in use in trucks at the time the rule was written. And that is the bad news. A lot of truck bodies were built without a lot of knowledge of how the air bags worked in cars. A good example of this is a 1985 Toyota 4Runner that was built without any knowledge of air bags. It was built by a company called Advanced Vehicles Technology (AVT). They were a division of Toyota.

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