Who needs curved TVs and monitors? The main thing about the fashion trend.

September 20, 2020

Imagine that you are in a large stadium where the match is about to begin. While the players have not entered the field, you can consider other spectators. All of them are visible at a glance, right? The same feeling arises when you watch a movie on a curved TV screen: before you a realistic picture with full immersion in reality. What is this trend and why are curved TV panels interesting ?

The idea of ​​showing films on curved screens came up a few years ago. Remember the last trip to the IMAX cinema - there are exactly these screens installed. This is not just a tribute to fashion or an attempt to do “not like everyone else's”, but a real opportunity to present new impressions from watching movies. The viewers get the impression of being completely immersed in what is unfolding on the screen. This means more emotion, more empathy, and more positive experiences.

Curved screens are also called curved screens.

Why do manufacturers bend TV screens

The more satisfied customers are, the more profit the owners and shareholders of the company receive. How does the viewer become satisfied? It's all about how the human eye perceives an image that is displayed on a curved surface. The picture seems to surround a person, and he is no longer an outside viewer, but a full participant in what is happening on the screen.

Unlike a cinema, a TV picture is not projected from one point, but is formed on the working surface of the display. We already have eyes - a perfect optical device - which means that it remains to choose a comfortable distance. Ideally, it is slightly larger than the diagonal of the TV. If you want to enjoy watching a movie on a 55-inch curved screen, then you need to sit at a distance of one and a half meters from it. Two or two and a half meters is also a good choice, but we do not recommend moving further: the effect of immersion in the scene will not be so pronounced.

How it works

When creating curved-TV, the same matrices are used as in flat-panel TVs. There is no innovation, the usual OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) matrix is ​​used. In this technology, electrical impulses that travel through OLEDs make them glow brightly. And the shades appear due to the fact that various phosphors are used. OLED displays are much thinner than those made with other technologies, including LCD. This allows you to create curved solutions based on them.

How to assemble a home theater and how much will it cost?

A curved screen is always a high resolution like 4K (ULTRA HD). This is four times more dots than traditional Full HD with its 1920 x 1080 dots. Not all films and TV shows are released in ultra-high definition, but here, too, the manufacturers took care of you and supplemented the TV with a function that automatically converts Full HD to 4K. It turns out not perfect, but very close in quality to the picture in ULTRA HD!

8K TVs with a resolution of 7680 × 4320 pixels, or 33 117 600 pixels, demonstrate realistic clarity. These are sixteen regular Full HD TVs!

Curved 3D TVs are also on sale. They "immerse" in screen reality even more than conventional curved screens, but they are more expensive. Some models have an interesting function of converting 2D content to 3D, so that you get a pseudo-3D picture at the output.

Pros and cons of  curved TVs

Let's start with the good:

the illusion that the area of ​​the visible field is increasing (although in reality this is not the case). Therefore, curved screens appear larger than their flat cousins;

the depth of the image increases. This is clearly visible when viewing 3D content;

you see a clear, detailed picture. Typically curved screens have higher contrast, which is good for picture quality;

less stress on the eyes. They are precisely focused on the image, so they are less tired.

An unobvious, but significant plus of such a TV is that it will be "stuffed" with the latest technology. It is unlikely that the manufacturer will give up the options that are in more affordable models with flat screens!

Now about the disadvantages, they also exist:

price. The biggest and most tangible minus that hits the wallet painfully. But if you love to pamper yourself with technological innovations - why not?

volume. The convex structure does not look very aesthetically pleasing on the wall and it is not always possible to make a niche;

slight distortion. Sometimes there are reflections that look stretched, so all bright objects will have to be removed away from the screen;

repairs. The complexity and, accordingly, the cost of repair for such models is higher, and more fragile elements.

There are roughly equal pluses and minuses, so the choice will not be easy: stay faithful to traditional flat screens or boldly step towards technological progress. Do not be surprised if people who have visited you come after you: modern technological innovations "charge" and "infect"!😉

What do curved screen manufacturers offer?

Last year Samsung unveiled its Q8C 4K Curved Smart QLED TV 2018. This is a QLED model with 4K resolution and an expanded set of features. The manufacturer claims that the new product provides 100% color volume and accurately reproduces color shades on a curved 65-inch screen. Q Contrast technology keeps images sharp even in bright light, while HDR10 + (an advanced version of HDR) helps reproduce colors and fine details even more accurately.

The problem with many curved panels is that they take up a lot of space. The Samsung TV has neatly got rid of it, making it possible to mount it close to the wall. The frameless design makes it even more weightless. The SmartThings app allows you to control devices that support the smart home function in real time , synchronize your TV with your smartphone, and display notifications from IoT-compatible devices on the screen.

The company Philips in the line curved-TV offers a model 4K LED TV 65PLUS8700 / 60. The curved panel is complemented by Ambilight, which visually expands the screen boundaries for a heightened viewing experience and brighter, more saturated colors. Micro Dimming Pro technology adjusts contrast to light conditions, making the screen a pleasure to look at anytime.

Quad Core processors and Android OS give the TV a good reaction time when watching regular TV shows and when using applications that are easy to download from the Google Play content store. Like any other device on this operating system, Google's voice search works here. And with three powerful speakers on the back of the TV and two forward-firing tweeters, sound is clear and balanced.

With curved TVs, the situation for manufacturers is ambiguous. Samsung has become the leader among recognized companies in the world with more than ten current models in its portfolio. Until recently, two models could be found on the official LG website, but now they are marked as “out of sale”. It is not known whether the Korean brand will further develop the curved line. Philips and Sharp are doing the same, but less well-known manufacturers are active - for example, single curved models appeared at Haier, Kivi and TCL.

How to properly watch movies on a curved TV

Remember the immersion effect and distance to the screen that we wrote about at the beginning? Add a few more rules here. Position yourself in front of the screen so that by default you are facing the center of it. There is no point in looking at the curved panel from the side. The same applies to watching a movie with friends - it will be fun, interesting (especially if the movie is good or the match is interesting!), But you will not be able to appreciate the full potential of the curved screen. Also, the TV must be exactly at eye level. Therefore, if you like to start a movie and lie down on the couch, consider this when fixing the TV to the wall.

Curved TVs are fun for a couple of people or singles.

There has not yet been a total enthusiasm for curved TVs, and this is understandable: many models cost more than a person with an average income can afford. But if you want a wow effect and you like unusual gadgets, the curved TV will easily cover these needs and provide new emotions from watching familiar movies and TV shows.

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