Smart home: gadgets in your kitchen.

October 20, 2020

 The kitchen is the place in the house where you have to devote a lot of resources: cooking, monitoring the operation of equipment, observing safety rules, and monitoring restocking. To reduce the number of routine tasks and make the rest easier and more enjoyable, you can use the available automation tools. Let's fast forward to the kitchen and see what the smart home system is capable of in a given room.

We are talking about a smart house, or smart house, - we mean alarms, video surveillance, many sensors and power management. If you want to get even more, you cannot do without introducing new technologies like artificial intelligence in the kitchen. It is here that most of all electronics are concentrated and there is always something that requires constant attention. Let's start with the main task - control over communications.

What does it take to turn an apartment into a smart home?

Usually, the kitchen is the place where trouble most often happens. They turned on the electric oven at the same time as the electric kettle and toaster - and now there is no electricity in the house. We left for work without checking the taps or the gas burner - and the feeling of anxiety is provided for the whole day. Individual elements of the "smart home" system will help you forget about such incidents. This is how it works:

an intelligent system monitors how much power supply is needed for simultaneously operating consumers, and distributes the load between them so that the electricity does not turn off in an emergency;

water leakage sensors transmit an alarm signal to the information panel and the owner's smartphone, the system cuts off the water supply and cuts off the power supply in the kitchen or throughout the house in order to eliminate a short circuit;

gas leakage sensors transmit an alarm, the system closes the gas supply valve and opens the windows for ventilation.

Due to hot processes, the temperature in the kitchen is higher than in other rooms. The smart home automatically starts the air conditioning system or, conversely, reduces the temperature of the coolant in the radiators. It is also advisable to install a smoke sensor in the kitchen - it will signal a fire and turn on the sound siren.

An extended set of "smart home" systems from OnLime will notify not only about smoke, water leaks and temperature levels, but also about intruders.

Here is another typical kitchen scenario: if no one is at home, and several appliances in certain outlets are actively consuming energy, after a specified time, these outlets will be de-energized to prevent fire.

Smart sockets open up many possibilities for turning a house into a smart house. By controlling their work, you can put the equipment into operation at any convenient moment. For example, turn on the electric kettle for your return or turn off the lighting in the kitchen from another room. The simplest sockets work only on / off and support remote control. And in advanced and, accordingly, more expensive, there are other functions like measuring the amount of electricity consumed.

A special "Control" kit from OnLim will help to implement lighting and smart socket control , which will also take care of the safety of your home.

But the most interesting thing in a smart home is useful gadgets that make life easier, and kitchen appliances that can be controlled from a smartphone.

Smart cooking technology

Today, Redmond brand products lead the smart house category, and kitchen appliances are represented in the Ready For Sky line. Here are examples of how Redmond's smartphone control works.

SkyCoffee coffee maker  - remotely sets the time and degree of grinding (there is a built-in coffee grinder), starts the preparation of coffee in one click, demonstrates the preparation process on the smartphone screen. You can also turn on the automatic coffee heating.

Multivarka SkyCooker M 800 the S  - remotely enable / disable devices that control step by step preparation of meals with the integrated recipe books, change the settings during cooking, activates avtopodogrev.

Kitchen scales SkyScales 741 S  - determines the weight, nutritional value and calorie content of individual products or a selected portion of the dish. Save data in the smartphone's memory. Supports tare weight deduction and automatic shutdown after weighing.

Kettle-lamp SkyKettle  - arouses interest at least for its futuristic design. Using a smartphone, you can select the brightness and hue of the backlight when the water boils. It looks very impressive!

Not only Redmond, but also other manufacturers delight with their interesting novelties. For example, the Nivona CafeRomatica 680 coffee machine remembers your favorite coffee recipes and brews a drink according to them by pressing a couple of buttons on your smartphone.

According to forecasts of the research company Statista, the volume of the smart home market in Russia will grow rapidly in the near future. Their share is expected to reach 8.5% in 2022.

What if the refrigerator in the kitchen is smart too? There are already examples, although in Russia this technique is still rarely found in home appliances supermarkets. LG launches InstaView ThinQ smart refrigeratorusing artificial intelligence technologies. It has a 29-inch touchscreen display that easily becomes transparent when you tap it twice. The smart electronics runs webOS and supports Amazon's Alexa voice assistant. Homeowners can tag stocks with virtual stickers to warn of imminent expiration dates. And the wide-angle camera allows you to "look" inside without opening the door. What else can InstaView refrigerators do: send cooking instructions to the EasyClean oven (also made by LG), and the dishwasher - a suitable washing mode, switch to Smart Diagnostics. And, of course, their work can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

Another Korean tech leader, Samsung, is offering an alternative called Family Hub .In 2019, the fourth generation of this line went on sale. The refrigerator's touch panel supports the Family Board function, which turns it into a digital whiteboard. A few taps on the smartphone screen are enough to bring photos or reminders to the board. The user can choose a font, background and apply special effects, so that in the end the refrigerator fits perfectly into the surrounding interior. From last year's update, the Bixby voice assistant remains here, which even accepts ordinary human commands. And the function "Morning Brief" (Morning Brief) displays important notifications on the screen: weather forecast, the latest news, exchange rates. If you suddenly forget to close the door, the refrigerator will remind you of this by sending a notification to your smartphone.

What else can you find in a smart kitchen

The hood removes foreign odors and cleans the air from the smallest particles of fat. Only now Xiaomi Yunmi EyeBot is capable of more thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence system. This hood received a camera, smoke detectors and special software. Together they determine when and at what speed to run the fans and when to wipe the camera lens.

If you are using a windowsill in your kitchen to grow greenery or houseplants, the Smart Flower and Plant Monitor comes in handy . With it, it is easy to monitor the level of moisture, lighting and temperature - in other words, at any time to know if the plants are doing well. The information from the sensors is displayed on the smartphone, where you can also read care tips. They are not universal (there are enough of them on the Internet), but specific for your plant and the conditions in which it is located.

Xiaomi smart home

You can find out if the air in the kitchen is heavily polluted with the SmartMi PM 2.5 Air Detector from  Xiaomi . The small "cube" monitors the air purity using an ultra-precise laser sensor that tracks the smallest particles - up to 0.3 microns! The contamination level is shown on the OLED display. So that you do not have to understand the numbers, the symbols simply change color: green - everything is fine, orange - there are foreign impurities in the air, red - dirty air. If you use a gadget in tandem with purifiers / humidifiers, you can automatically start them up every time the pollution indicators approach a critical level.

Without a dishwasher, kitchen work becomes a chore. The novelty from  Viomi will wash dishes faster than you and use 3-5 times less water. The dishwasher itself determines the load level and offers the optimal washing mode, and it can also be controlled from a smartphone. For example, keep track of what stage of work the machine is at, or turn it on when there are preferential electricity tariffs. The latter is relevant for apartments and houses in which two- or three-band electricity meters are installed.

The smart waste bin Xiaomi TOWNEW T 1 White automatically opens when a person approaches, hermetically seals the garbage package and changes the garbage bags herself. On the case there is an informative backlight and indication, which makes it clear how full the bucket is. The gadget "feeds" on special capsules, which contain compressed packages.

What's new for smart kitchens in 2019

The most exciting tech gadgets to come out this year were shown at CES 2019 at the end of January. This time, large manufacturers of consumer electronics have especially carefully approached the presentation of kitchen gadgets - many of them are endowed with artificial intelligence.

GE Appliances  is a kitchen hub that distributes cooking-related commands to connected gadgets. On its touch screen, you can not only search for recipes, but also control the oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, thermostat, light sources. A couple of taps on the screen are enough to turn on the technique, dim the light or play your favorite music on YouTube.

KitchenAid Smart Display  is a smart display that is integrated with the Google Assistant voice assistant. The manufacturer says the gadget is designed to "expand culinary creativity." It guides you through step-by-step recipes, makes shopping lists and controls other smart devices in the kitchen. All this is done with a voice, without hands, which at this moment may be stained with flour, for example.

HomeBrew  is a home brewery from LG. The gadget makes it easy to prepare an intoxicating drink in a private house or apartment. To get a tasty beer in a couple of weeks after starting the brewery, capsules are used, which contain brewer's yeast, hop oil and other necessary components. Such capsules are produced by several companies, and LG developers do not limit their customers in choosing a brand. The brewing process can be followed via a smartphone. The system controls the fermentation process and creates comfortable conditions for fermentation so that the taste of the drink is perfect.

Yummly  is a voice-controlled cooking platform with planning tools that can compose menus. A special application uses a smartphone camera to recognize the products and suggest the recipes in which they are used. The second scenario: she tells you what and in what quantities to buy in addition to prepare a delicious dish. Using a timer, the system controls the cooking time, and when connected to the oven, it selects the optimal temperature and baking mode. Full platform integration is foreseen for Whirlpool and KitchenAid kitchen appliances.

What about concepts?

Concepts are devices that exist as an idea. The concepts may have real prototypes, but they have not yet entered mass production. For example, Electrolux is preparing a portable microwave and dishwasher that will replace the sink. And IKEA showed the concept of the smart kitchen of the future. In it, smart tables and countertops will detect the availability of food on the table and offer step-by-step recipes. By pasting a special label from the store packaging onto a container with food, you don't have to worry about storing food: the refrigerator will automatically set the optimal cooling mode. Panasonic plans to launch autopilot refrigerators that move around the apartment, order missing groceries from the online store and transmit signals to ovens, multicooker and thermo pots.

Sounds like something fantastic, right? But remember: in the 70s and 80s, many did not suspect that soon microwave ovens and pressure cookers would settle in their kitchens, which would heat up and cook complex first courses in a few minutes! This means that in your kitchen, too, very soon and with a high probability there will appear (or already have) separate elements of a smart home.

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