The Top 5 Real Estate Farming Postcards Examples for New Agents to Use!

December 20, 2021


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If you are a new agent, you may be looking for ways to market yourself. One recommendable approach is by sending out postcards. Postcards help you reach out to potential clients and let them know what you do. There are various ways of designing postcards. For example, you can create your design or use a template. 

You can also use a photo or an illustration. Postcard templates have unique features that make them stand out. You can choose the one you like best or create your design.

Why Use Real Estate Farming Postcards?

Real estate farming postcards serve various purposes, and it is paramount to think carefully about what you want to achieve before designing your card. Ensure to use high-quality materials and images so your card stands out from the rest. 

Let's look at what you can do with them:

  1. Announce a special discount - people love discounts and promotions and will be more than happy to open your card. 

  2. Inform people about your new products or services.

  3. Inform recipients if you are relocating to a new office or shop and ensure that all contacts are up-to-date with your current business details.

  4. Invite people to an event or party as a way of building stronger relationships with your contacts.

  5. Let people know about upcoming promotions, events, and new products.

  6. Thank people for their loyalty or for becoming one of your customers.

Five Examples of Real Estate Farming Postcards

  1. Welcoming Postcard

This postcard welcomes new leads by introducing them to your real estate business. It has your contact information and is an effective way to establish a good working relationship.

  1. Informative Postcard

This postcard provides potential leads with information about your real estate business. It includes your services, why they should do business with you, and any other pertinent information.

  1. Seasonal Postcard

You can spread holiday cheer while notifying leads of an upcoming event or sale in your real estate office. It should include general information about the event or sale and your real estate team contacts.

  1. Business Update Postcard

You can use this postcard to keep clients up to date on what's happening in your real estate business. For example, it helps sell specific listings or announce new services or products.

  1. The Contest Postcard

You can excite the potential leads with a contest or giveaway exclusive to your real estate business. In addition, you can offer free consultation and home inspection. Whatever you choose, ensure that it is relevant to your business.

Tips for designing effective real estate farming postcards

  • Use short messages and to the point

  • Use attractive fonts and colors

  • Include high-quality graphics or images

  • Ensure that your contact details are easy to find

  • Be creative

Final Submission

Real estate farming postcards are one of the most successful direct mail marketing strategies. They help generate new business for your real estate enterprise if used correctly. However, their effectiveness depends on how you design and send out your cards. 

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