The Top 10 Exotic Apps

October 31, 2021


 I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, and it’s nothing new. It is the same question I get from most people, “Where should I start with my new iPhone?” I thought I’d tackle that question by including a few apps that are some of my favorites. I always start the list with a favorite because those apps are the ones that make me laugh and those that make me feel good.

The list is pretty much the same. I’ve been playing with them for a few years now and they have become favorites for me. I’d like to discuss them in a little bit more detail though.

First of all, there's just so much to talk about. A quick look at the top 10 will confirm this for you: they're all great for one reason or another.

I mean there are so many different apps, it's crazy. But the best of the bunch is this little app called Zumba. As a fitness-focused person, Zumba has always been my favorite. It's very easy to use and its fitness levels are the best out there to date. It also has a great variety of classes that you can do while you're Zumba-ing, so you can work out all the while at the same time.

Zumba has been around since 2005 and just recently it seems to be getting some new users. A few years ago, Zumba was a pretty big deal, but now it has a lot of competition. If you don't know about Zumba, it's basically a dance fitness workout app. It has a variety of classes, and you can sign up for a free membership.


Zumba is really a dance-like workout, but you can do it as a regular exercise, or you can also do it as part of a yoga class. You can even watch videos, watch others dance, and have fun. The difference is that you can do it anywhere, and you can enjoy it. There are also a variety of other classes that you can sign up for, including a Zumba-style workout that makes you use your arms and legs for the main workouts.

The app is pretty simple. 

You need to sign up for a free membership and sign in with your Facebook or e-mail account, or your phone if you're at the gym. Once you've signed up, you're supposed to log in and click on the box on the top of the app to sign in. The app takes you through a series of exercises, and you'll also be able to listen to music and watch videos.

As you might expect, the app has a pretty cool system of audio files and video files that allows you to mix music and video together, which sounds pretty cool, but it also does something very similar to how your phone does.

You can also use the app to call people, view your gallery, and take a photo. 

I mean you can also do that too, but what I like about it is that the app is completely free and has no in-app purchases. You don't even have to have an account to use it.

When my wife and I first bought the iPhone we were a bit concerned about the lack of apps, but we quickly realized the app store was only used about 1% of the time in a day and that the vast majority of apps were free. That is, until I realized that it was the only app out there that could change the color of my iPhone's screen.

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