5 Bizarre Candoms Facts You Need to Know

October 25, 2021


The first-ever world championship for the best condom on the planet, the Condom of the World Championship, will begin in Tokyo, Japan on July 9-16, 2019. This is the first time Condoms outside of the Asian continent have ever been held.

Condoms are a unique type of party game where players compete against each other to see which can best hold back the others' condoms in the shortest amount of time. Condoms are basically a form of “game of hiding and seek” and the winner is the one who can keep the other from catching them.

With a little bit of luck and a bit of play, you can win as many of the world's most popular condoms as you like.

Condoms were once very much the domain of the Japanese, but now they're quite popular outside of Japan, too. Over the last few years, Condoms have taken over the world, and to see this, the Condom of the World Championship is happening in Tokyo, Japan.

The Condom of the World Championship begins at the Nippon Budokan this Sunday. In the past, the Kingdom was held at the Pusan Grand Park, which was the site of the famous Battle of Yosakabu. The venue has been changed to the Budokan, and this year the winner of the tournament will be decided at this year's World Championship on July 22. The winner will be declared the Kingdom of the World Champion.

One of the reasons the Condom is so big is because it’s held in Japan.

 That’s right, the Condom is held in Japan. It’s a big deal in Japan. The previous Condom was held in Australia, but this year was held in Japan.

Apparently the Japanese use the word "condom" to mean "random." That's why they say it's their Condom. In Japanese, random means "fancy.


The Kingdom is a tournament that every year the winner is named the Kingdom. If you don't know what a Condom is, you can find out here. The winner of the tournament will be declared the Kingdom of the World Champion.

The Kingdom is the annual Japanese version of the National Finals Series.

 The winner of this Candom is awarded the title of the World Champion. The Condom is held every year around the same time of the year. So of course, it's held in Japan.

Condoms are a fun-packed (and confusing) tournament that has a lot of different names. The Kingdom is the most popular among those that are not well-known but they are very competitive. Condoms are even more competitive because it is a much younger, less well-known competition. We are always hoping for the Condom to become even more popular because it's so very fun.

Condoms are the Japanese version of the E3 show, which isn't that popular in the West. Condoms have the same rules, but more people are there than E3. Condoms have the biggest prize money and also the most people that attend. Condoms is also a major family event, which is really hard to get in the West.

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