7 Movies About Series to Watch When You’re Bored at Home

October 31, 2021



These seven movies are movies for those of us who need a break from a hectic schedule and some time to appreciate our own home and take stock of how we can make our home a more livable, more comfortable, and more peaceful place.
I’m very excited about these movies, not only because I’ve been a fan of the tv shows and movies I grew up with, but because I believe that the movies that I grew up with have the most influence on me as I do my own home renovations.

Some of these movies are based on television shows that I grew up watching.

 Others are based on films that I saw when I was younger. And some are based on movies I saw when I was a child. And one movie is based on a book I read at the age of seven. And I’d be lying if I said I only watched one movie per movie category, but all of them, except for the one based on a book, should be on my list.

I’m surprised to say that I’m a big Harry Potter fan, but I was so caught up in the Wizarding World that I never really thought about the movies when I watched them. I did, however, think about the books. I just never noticed they were on TV first.

I’m not sure if I know where to start with this one. I’ve watched some of the movies I listed above, but I have not read any of the books. I’m not sure if I am the only person thinking this, but I am finding it very hard to watch any of the movies that I have listed above. I mean I could watch them, but I feel that I would be missing out on a lot of the fun.

It seems that if you don't have the time to check out all the movies listed above, you can't really get too into the books. There are so many. I know I could probably get through all the books and movies I have listed above, but I have found it very hard to watch any of the movies listed above. Because, well, I am bored.

Because we’re bored, right? 

The point is that they’re all about a bunch of characters that have been through the same experiences and somehow still find it interesting to explore new ones. I have found it hard to watch any of them because I am so bored, so I would definitely recommend some of the other books and movies, but the movies are definitely what you need to watch when you are bored at home.


If you’re not already bored, I’d suggest watching most if not all of the movies listed here. Of course, if you’re really bored (and I seriously doubt you are), there’s always the whole “watch all the movies listed here and then watch some of the books listed here.

I found myself watching some of the movies listed here. 

Even though I am bored at home, I still managed to watch seven of them. I think my favorite one is probably The Hangover Part II. I enjoyed watching the movie because it had a bunch of interesting twists, it was funny, and it had great dialogue. I didn't go into it hoping for some great dialogue, I just wanted to see what it looked like when people were making fun of each other.

I have no idea what happened in The Hangover Part II, but I do know that was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. I found myself laughing at some of the stupid jokes and I loved that it had a great cast. I was also able to enjoy the scene where the guys were doing their best impression of the late Christopher Walken.

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