Catholic Secrets Exposed! Here’s the Juicy Details

October 18, 2021



This is one of those things that I talk about with my students all the time. It’s even had its own Wikipedia entry since 2004, but for those who don’t know, the Catholic Secrets Exposed is a series of classes that I teach at the Academy of Catholic Living, in Chicago. I cover a lot of Catholic history and theology, but what I’ve learned most from this series is that we don’t always have to do this.

I have a student this semester who has been a Catholic for a while, but has had no idea that most of the things I’ve taught are the same things he is supposed to be taking a class on. So for his class, he’s been taking a class called “Catholic Secrets Exposed.” This class is a series of classes I teach that cover the same topics but are taught in a different way.

This series actually started when my student’s Catholic teacher got a letter from the Vatican suggesting they take this class. Since the class was taught by a Catholic teacher, he was also given the letter. As a student in this class, you will learn about the many ways the Catholic Church has hidden the truth to the world. Many of the secrets are about the Catholic Church’s teachings against abortion, same-sex marriage, and contraception.

I won’t spoil the surprises that will be revealed,

but if you’re a Catholic, I highly recommend you keep an eye out for this series. It is not to be missed.

In the words of Pope Benedict, “We have nothing to hide.” And if you’re a Catholic in America, you don’t have to hide anything. In fact, you can openly confess your sins to the Church in front of the members of your parish.

This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about when I say that the Catholic Church is not all about Jesus. The teachings of the Catholic Church have to do with the whole notion of moral relativism, which basically means that you can make your own moral rules. In the case of abortion, there’s no such thing as “right” or “wrong” abortion. The pope is just a talking head with no real power.

While many people think of the Catholic Church as the only religion that actually holds to the teachings of Jesus, its roots go back much further than that. The Catholic Church has roots in the early Roman Empire, and it was in the Roman Empire that the Catholic Church gained its first official foothold. The Roman Catholic Church was founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 362 AD.

In the year AD 374, after the conquest of the Roman Empire by the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine, the Eastern Roman Emperor gained the right to be called the “Emperor of the Romans”,

which means that he ruled over all of the Roman Empire,

including all of the East - the Byzantine Empire. As a result, the Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine became the first Pope.

The Eastern Roman Emperor Constantine was the first Pope, and he was a Roman Catholic. We know of this because the church was founded by the Roman Empire. Catholics were a significant part of the Roman Empire, but Catholics didn’t have their own church. Instead, they had a relationship with the Eastern Roman Emperor, the Pope, who was the head of the Roman Church.

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