Healthy Changed My Life. Here’s My Story

October 19, 2021


 To say that I was a new parent is an understatement. I was so new, I couldn’t even tell you what day of the week it was. I was a newborn, and I remember the day so vividly because I didn’t know what being a new parent meant. It wasn’t a holiday, and my baby sister was born the morning after Thanksgiving. I was just a new mommy and I was overwhelmed.

I have never been a new mommy. I was born in April of 1999, and I have always been a new mother. The only way I could imagine being a new mommy was if I was pregnant again.

Like me, many new parents become overwhelmed with the experience as well. I remember the day my first son was born. I remember the first couple of weeks I was pregnant, and all the intense feeling of excitement, and anxiety, and the terror of having a baby. I remember the first few months I had my baby. I remember the first time I held him, and the first time I held him to my breast.

Many new parents feel like this too. I have found that I have a greater sense of the emotions that come with this experience after a new baby is born, and the emotions that come with a new mother.

This is, in my opinion, the most important point about pregnancy. It’s not the baby’s emotions per se that are so important. It’s the mothers. I think most new moms, particularly those who are single at the beginning of the pregnancy, do well to have their emotions more in check than they do now. The best way to do that is to have a good support system.

I have noticed this. After delivering my first kid, my husband and I were in a car accident. I was not even in the car with him. He was completely fine, and the doctors said that I was fine. But I felt so devastated when I thought that I was fine, so I just couldn’t believe that I was fine.

That is not a bad feeling. I felt so bad about the accident but also so relieved that I was ok. I never expected the accident to be the cause of my recovery, so it wasn't that bad. We didn't have insurance at the time, so we didn't really know.

But you know what? I didn't even care that I had a serious injury when I was in the hospital. I just wanted to be ok and be around my family. I wanted to be around my kids, and I wanted to be around my husband and family. But that is not a bad feeling. I didn’t really expect to get better, and I definitely didn't expect my injury to be the cause of my recovery. But, I definitely feel less anxious about it now.

I have to agree. I guess it’s because I was a bit more open than most people about my condition. In fact, I had some really bad news the night after my surgery. I had to have two surgeries, and my first was to repair the damage to my stomach. I was told that I could get into a state of semi-consciousness and wake up in four to five hours.

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