The Best Pediatric Movies, Ranked

October 27, 2021


Children’s movies are often the most popular choice for us to watch. We are especially fond of movies that are funny, educational, or just plain entertaining. However, it is important to remember that these films are often based on real-life situations, so this list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Our first question, for example, is "What is a good pediatric movie?"

Because it's not easy to answer, nor is it really a difficult question to answer, so I'd like to use this opportunity to expand on it a bit. There are actually three answers to this question. The first two are based on the assumption that a pediatric movie should be a happy, light-hearted tale, and not the same as an adult film.

The third answer, which we'll refer to as the “real pediatric movies” answer, is the answer for this question. These movies take place in a fictional universe, and the main character is a young child, and the film is set in a place and time where the child is doing something very important to them, and for the film’s audience, the child’s actions are important.

The kid in the real pediatric movies is a little too innocent for the audience, and the film needs to be more subtle and not so dramatic. However, the real medical thriller, "The Last Mile," is also a light-hearted film that shows what happens when a pediatrician goes into a new field that is very dangerous. I mean, I know that most of my friends have gone into medical research, and the last mile is the part where they have to take their patients off the table.

The Last Mile is not a medical thriller. It's a documentary about a medical doctor's life in the early days of medicine. That's why the real doctor is a doctor and the real kids are kids.

The Last Mile is a documentary about medical doctors, and at the end of the documentary, he explains how it’s a pretty safe science to perform the very things the docu is about. That's why even though it has some pretty gruesome images, I think the doc keeps it light and funny, but then again, the docu is probably about 10 minutes too long so I have to take my hat off to it.

I've seen The Last Mile countless times and it never fails to entertain me. I don't get to watch it as often as I'd like because when I do, I get bored, but I still find myself watching it again and again.


What do you get when you’ve got a kid who loves to talk? A story about a kid, a film about a kid, and a bunch of people who are all really excited about the movie? That’s the Best Kids Movies.

I’ve watched all of The Last Mile, but that is because I have a kid, so I’ve seen it in a lot of kid’s movies. I do wish I’d seen it when I was a kid because I’m not always the kid’s mom, so I’m always left out of the conversation.

I can't get over how many people love to talk about the great kid's movies of the 90s. The 90s were the golden age of kid movies, and the 90s were a time of great movies. I mean, The Great Mouse Detective was a great movie and I still watch it, but I have to say I feel like a lot of people really miss out on it because they're not around when it was made.

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