The One Thing All Chilean Success Stories Have in Common

November 17, 2021



I’ve had Chilean success stories, I’ve been in Chile for 10 years, I’ve been a Chilean, and I’ve been a successful Chilean. But there is one thing that is common between all of the success stories that I’ve heard—the value of having a big vision. Chile is a beautiful country, and it is extremely easy to get lost in the beauty and the beauty of Chile.

I recently met a guy from a rural village in the north of Chile who was able to climb his way from $800/month to $2,000/month selling his own handmade jewelry on Etsy. 

I've met another guy from the middle of the city of Santiago who was able to make $40/hour and eventually $300/hour, making himself into the most successful English-Spanish translator in Chile.

The value of having a big vision is that it makes you feel like you have control over your life. And while many have big dreams, you can't possibly be successful unless you're setting a goal and setting some concrete actions to achieve your dream.

It's this kind of hard work that helps you create a vision that you can stick to.

The same can be said for Santiago, Chile. Santiago, Argentina, and even Buenos Aires, Argentina, all have some of the best success stories in the world. In fact, Chile has one of the most successful English-Spanish projects in the world, and even though there are many challenges, we can all learn from all of these success stories.

If you want to be successful in the big city, you have to realize that the success stories are not really about the people themselves. They are about the people in their specific environment. In many cases, a city has an ecosystem that can be leveraged to your advantage. What’s really important is to recognize the opportunities that are available to you, and how you can use them.


Chile is an interesting case study. Chile has a population of about 50 million people who live in a variety of conditions. 

When you ask most people who live in Chile, they’ll tell you that it’s one of the easiest places in the world to succeed. Chile has a very strong working-class, so it’s a very dynamic economy. Most people are very satisfied with their lives and are willing to work a lot harder in order to get ahead.

The problem Chile has is that it has very little diversity in its population. To be a Chilean success story it has to start somewhere. As with many of the other countries in Latin America, the Chilean economy is based on a very rigid set of laws that limits what people can do to get ahead. The country has always had a very high rate of crime, and so it's a very dangerous place to live.

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