Choices Burnout Is Real. Here’s How to Avoid It

November 27, 2021


We’re in a world where the choices are endless. Our choices are endless.

That’s right. The endless choices that we’re faced with in life are not only ones that we already made that we have to live with. They are choices that we’ve made that we have to live with. What I’m referring to here is choices like “should I stop smoking,” “should I stop drinking,” “should I stop watching TV,” “should I quit working.

The one thing that really scares me about the game is the choice that I make. It’s like the choice that we have to make. Maybe I should stop smoking, maybe I should stop drinking, maybe I should stop watching TV, maybe I should stop watching movies.

I think the first thing to remember about choice burnouts is that they are real.

They are choices that we made that we have to live with. They are real because we made them and they affect us. The problem is that most of our choices are ones we feel good about so we take it all the way to the end and sometimes even make them.

The problem is that these burnouts are so easy to make that we forget they are really real. When we're stressed, our brains start to panic. We start to panic that we didn't really want to keep watching TV, that when we did we couldn't keep the lights on, that when we did we couldn't stop the car because we didn't have any gas.

Now we can’t just shrug this burnout off.

Because after those burnouts, our brain starts to panic again, this time about how it is going to be so easy to keep doing a little burnout until we get so frustrated and so worried that we make it worse. And that’s when we start to feel so guilty that we stop making those choices.


Because we started to get so confused and hurt that we started getting crazy.

Because we start to feel so guilty when we get so frustrated because we start to get really scared when we start to think that we’re going to have to do something crazy to just stay away from the TV, or just stay away from the lights. Because then we start getting all upset because we think, “Oh, shit, I can’t.

When we’re so scared that we’ve done something so stupid that we can’t even remember why we were talking about it, we start to get so sad and depressed that we start to get a really bad case of burnout. Burnout is a common symptom of overworking. If you spend too much time working, you’re going to get burned out. Burnout makes it hard to have fun, and to do things you enjoy.

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