10 Shocking Donald Trump Tweets About Couple

November 04, 2021


 I’m the guy who is known to tweet about celebrities and politicians. I’ll do it in both seriousness and comedic humor. I’ll never forget the time I tweeted about a couple, and it got a little bit of a reaction.

On the one hand, all the tweets were pretty funny, to put it mildly. What really got me was one tweet, which took some of the stings out of my Twitter account.

The tweet had to do with the new movie, "The Hangover Part III," which opened last weekend in theaters. "Hanging out with a couple of hot single people is not the best idea," the tweet read, because "there were two hot single people. One is a billionaire; the other one is a billionaire." In short, "A billionaire, not a billionaire.

Well, I could go on, but I think I've said enough to make you understand the general gist of what is going on here.

After seeing the trailer, I had to stop reading Twitter for a while.

I did not want to get swept up in all of the drama on one of the most exciting new movies of the year. I’ll be at the theater again on Thursday night to see the movie and have a chance to chat with the actors.

I guess what people are reacting to is that Trump doesn’t have as strong of a political resume as he thought he did. This is true, but it’s also the case that he is a pretty well-regarded businessman and he does know how to make money, and he does know how to use it. He knows how to leverage his money to do his bidding and to do it well.

Trump is also very rich and seems not to have a problem with how he uses his money.

On the contrary, he is rather fond of using his money to make money for himself and for other people, as he has said himself. He seems to know how to do it well, so it makes sense he would be so enamored by the power and wealth of the US dollar.


Trump has obviously never heard of his own words, but he has clearly used them as a means to gain power and wealth, so I suppose it's safe to conclude he's a very smart and successful man. Of course, many people don't believe Donald is a smart man, and many people don't believe he knows how to do his own financial business well, so it's certainly possible that he is a very smart man.

He does have a very high IQ. He was the first person to gain the level of intelligence that he did from being born, so he obviously knows how to do it well.

Many have noted his incredible success in business and his willingness to take that success and do whatever it takes to get the most out of it.

One of the things that I love about Donald Trump is the absolute intelligence that he has. He's not just a smart person, he's a very smart person. And it's not just his business success that makes him so smart, but he's also brilliant. Donald has a very low IQ. He is very good at everything he does. I'm very sure that Donald could do anything he wanted to without any help from anyone.

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