7 Unforgivable Couple Mistakes Everyone Makes

November 18, 2021



These are the seven most common mistakes that break up couples (no matter how much or little you know them), and I'm including them because they are pretty unforgivable. Don't make these mistakes until you've tried them for yourself.

People aren't always perfect, but mistakes are inexcusable.

Mistakes are the result of an individual’s emotions and actions that aren’t in alignment, not a complete lack of effort, and we know these mistakes are not excusable. If you've been broken up by your friends, don’t blame your friends, blame yourself.

Mistake #1: When your friends break up with you, they don't go to where your friends are and hang out. It sucks, but it might not be your fault. They don't want to be alone anymore. That's, why they didn't, go to your friend's house or hang out on their couch if that's what you're getting at. It's not their fault that they wanted to be by themselves. They weren't supposed to be by themselves and that is what you shouldn't do.

Mistake 2 If your friends and they get a divorce, don't blame them, blame yourself.

Mistake 3 If your friends and you are broke up, don't blame your friends, blame yourself. You were both out of your mind. You were both high.

If it's not your friend's fault then it probably comes down to "you" and "you" being one and the same. So the trick is to keep yourself honest.

Don't say that they are wrong or that they are right. Instead, say something like "We were both high, we should try being by ourselves." Then, keep going.


Yeah, you are right, people do make mistakes, but it is the ones who make them who are wrong. It is up to you to not make those mistakes. Not everyone will be your friend, but everyone you share a relationship with is your friend. If you are in a relationship, make sure that you are not making the same mistakes that you were made.

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately about the problems and mistakes that people make in relationships.

I think the best ones come from the perspective of the “other.” Sometimes, our friends think we are just too perfect to be in a relationship. I think we should always strive for being a little imperfect so that if someone wants a relationship, they can be a little imperfect too.

If you are in a relationship, you should try to be a little imperfect so that if someone wants to have a relationship with you, they can be a little imperfect.

This is a good way to keep the relationship from ending, but if you have to end it, then you are no better than that guy who was perfect in the beginning.

A relationship should always be a happy one, and a good relationship is never perfect. The idea of having perfect relationships is silly, but people who do not practice self-awareness often find themselves in unhappy relationships. People are human, and it’s human nature to make mistakes.

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