The Most Entertaining Finland Influencers You Need to Follow

November 19, 2021



I'm not a big fan of the popular Netflix show, The Office. But I'm not a fan of Netflix either, and I'm not one to judge. If you're on Netflix, I'm sure you've seen the show and have watched it. If you haven't, I highly recommend it. The show has been so successful that the creators have been hired to create a sequel, which they are doing.

Netflix has done some brilliant shows and movies, but the best part about this one is that it is a sequel to The Office.

And we're not just talking about the fact that I'm going to get fired from my job if I watch this.

But that's not all. I'm not talking about the show itself. I'm referring to the cast. I mean this show is so good, so entertaining, and so hilarious that I'm going to be talking about it for weeks.

And I have to say that this show was so good I had to look it up. I had no idea that Finnish comedy has such an array of comedians.

It's not so much that Finnish comedians have a reputation for being bad, but rather that the comedians who have been successful have a reputation for being good. In this case its the guy who is so good that people are going to watch his latest show and immediately switch on the subtitles.

I saw this on a random episode on TV, and I had to stop and rewind a bit. Finns are very funny, especially when they are doing their typical jokkejä or kauhutseutie. The show had a very specific type of character, and you would always see them laughing hysterically and shouting out the funniest lines in the funniest way. The one thing that really got me was the guy who was the lead on the show.

The show's lead was a bit of a misfit because he was a complete loner.

He wasn't the typical Finnish male lead, and he wasn't the stereotypical Finn either. He was the epitome of a Finn, and while people were watching, he was the one who said the funniest things.


It isn't just the hilarious lines that made him a fan favorite. He was a bit of an oddball as well. He was really into football and was very much a fan of the US national team. Yet, he was also very into watching a bit of television, and even had a video game that he played on a regular basis. He was a bit of a weirdo in the Finns, but then again, so was everybody else.

The Finns, a real-life Finnish soccer team, are one of the greatest teams in the world.

They are still one of the teams that you can see on TV, and they still feature in the Champions League. They even have a bit of a cult following in the United States.

In Finland, people with the same last name may often end up in the same university. So it's not uncommon to find two Finns in the same university, and that is very common. For example, one of our top influencers is a man by the name of Tuomas Tapanila. He's a very serious guy with a very serious face.

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