The 14 Best Focus Sites on the Internet

November 18, 2021



What better way to learn how to focus than to go online and find the best sites on the internet to help you get started? Here’s a quick run-down for you of 14 of the best online focus tools.

So what are the best focus tools?

For me, the best focus tool is probably the one I've been using for the past 7 years. I started using it when I was starting out with the focus tool at the university. I'm sure many of you have experienced similar frustrations, so I'll try to give a quick rundown. First off, the tool is called Focusmate and allows you to select what your goal is for a specific moment.

The tool doesn’t give any details about how to choose your focus, but you can go into the settings menu and either select what you want your goal to be or select “Default.” After that, Focusmate will automatically look for the goal you specified in the settings menu to help you figure out which one it is.

The tool is fairly easy to use and it's one of the easiest tools on the internet to use.

At its core, the focus is a very simplistic concept of determining your end goal for a given moment in time. It is an action that you execute. The main focus of the tool is that it gives you a list of some of the best focus sites on the Internet. You can choose to go into the settings menu and select your goal, or you can choose Default.

The tool provides a list of sites that are related to your goal.

The list is sorted by the number of links to each site. It is also categorized into “related” categories that allow you to filter and sort by other parameters. The tool is based on a very simple concept that allows you to easily discover information that can help you improve your focus.

For example, if you want to improve your focus, you can go to your goal settings and select the "Focused" option. After selecting your goal you can then go to the site you want to focus on and then click on the “Focused” option. The site will be presented in a split-screen form with the two main pages displayed on the left as well as an optional “Focused” option.

This tool is the best way to get to the best information about what works for you.


Unfortunately, the tool only works with sites that accept the form of text that you enter. So if, for example, you want to get the best information about how to improve your focus, you need to find a site that accepts the text that you enter and then go to the Focused option on your goal settings.

This is a little bit off-putting for those of you who have been taking a long hard look at the best focus sites on the Internet. While the "best" sites are definitely high in quality and usefulness, I feel like you would be hard-pressed to find a single one that is actually "best" in all categories.

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