The Most Entertaining Law Influencers You Need to Follow

November 04, 2021


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard of some of the most influential people on the planet. From entrepreneurs to politicians, influencers have impacted, changed, or just plain influenced our lives in a major way.

For the past few years, I've been doing lots of research on the most entertaining and influential people out there. I've tried to find out who they are, what their backgrounds are, and how they got into this arena. There are two particular groups I wanted to look at though. The first are the law school professors, lawyers, or law school professors who have made the best use of their influence to either become successful or to influence the direction of something.

It seems that a lot of professors in this area are either the heads of a company, a company board or in some cases, the company itself.

For instance, the CEO of my local law firm is a professor. This is because she has a direct line to the CEO and can speak to him about anything. She is also a former prosecutor and has some influence on the direction of this company.

I know a professor who is the head of a law firm. She is the head of a board of directors of a company. She is the head of a university. She is the head of a foundation. In fact, she is the head of everything. The head of the company is a professor in a field that might be more familiar to you. We get it. You have to think of yourself as an influential person.

This is the problem with our society.

We’re all influential people most of the time, but when we’re not, we’re barely influential. The reason why is that even if we’re in our own field, we have our own biases. I’ve talked about this before, but I’m sure you’re well aware that we’re all influenced by our own biases.


What I've noticed is that some people get influenced by the same people who are influencers for the companies they work for. They all have a similar bias, so they all influence people who look like them. This is a problem because you'd think that being an influencer for a company would mean you have the most influence. But the opposite is actually true.

Influential people are not as respected as they should be by the people who actually work for them.

But you are influencers for the company you work for, right? Well, not exactly. Influencers can influence people, but they are not the actual influencers. The actual influencers are the ones who you are influenced by.

People like to say that the most influential people don't have any influence. But that is not true. They do have influence, but not nearly as much as they should have. But they aren't their own influencers so they can't influence them.

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