10 Reasons to Be Addicted to Management

November 27, 2021


 If you are addicted to management, there is a good chance you will also be a slave to it.

You will be constantly focused on making that next sale, or meeting that deadline. In this way, you will be unable to enjoy a moment to yourself without someone else doing all the heavy lifting. Here are 10 reasons why addiction to management is a good thing.

In the end, you will be able to enjoy your day in a more productive way than you could with a bunch of managers on the same day. In fact, the most important thing is that you will be able to enjoy your day without the mess of life.

If you cannot be a manager then you are not a very nice person. But if you can, you will still be a nice person.

Well, there is not much in the way of a solution to management. It’s just a bit of a downer. But if you are a manager, it is likely that you will find yourself enjoying more of life than you currently are as a result of your addiction to management.

If you aren’t a manager it is very likely that you are already addicted.

This is especially true if your company is not in the top 5 percent of companies in the world. In this situation, management is not an option. So what do you do? The short answer is: you need to stay away from management. The long answer is that you need to learn to manage yourself.

If you are a manager, it is not your fault. It's not your fault that you are trying to get rid of yourself. It is your fault that you are using the wrong methods to get rid of yourself. If you are using the wrong methods to get rid of yourself, then you are not being honest with yourself.

So we have been talking a lot about management lately.

It's not just because of the fact that a lot of new managers are trying to escape their boss. It's also a large part of the reason why that business cycle is so difficult. In the age of the internet and personal assistants, being a manager has become a much more attainable goal than it used to be. Yet, even the internet has its limits.


Management is a major factor in business cycles. For example, if you are running a small family-owned business you don't have much flexibility to change your management methods – unless your whole team is in agreement and you are all in it together.

The main reason that I want to be a manager is to be able to do my job. I mean, if I want to be a manager I have to do some work that I can delegate to other people. It is a pretty good, but boring way of being a manager.

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