The Hands-Down Best Quotes About Medicine

November 05, 2021



As I’ve gotten older and more seasoned with my life, I’ve learned that it’s important to take stock of the people around you and their priorities. To take this to the extreme, I’ve come to believe that it’s often best to choose your words with great care.

One of the things that has gotten me through my entire childhood is the belief that I would be just as good at anything if I chose to do it.

I’m sure many of you have seen the story of the four young monkeys who were put into a cage for the first time and given a task to complete. The first monkey made it through the first hour, but the second monkey, who had the longest and most complicated task on his schedule, failed completely.

The difference between choosing words carefully and choosing them carelessly is that while people can choose the words they use, they also have to make a decision about what that choice means, and that's the difference between a good choice and a bad one.

The difference between the words "good" and "bad" is the difference between a healthy and unhealthy mind.

We’ve all heard the words "good" and "bad" before in our lives, but most people don’t really understand them, or they don’t think they understand them. They say, "Oh, he’s a good doctor because he treats the wrong things, like the flu.

These words mean different things to different people. When you talk about a doctor, it means you don’t like your doctor. Or the person who gives you the flu. Or the doctor. Or the flu. Or whatever. When you use the words good and bad, you are saying that you don't like the medical profession in general, which is an extremely negative thing. This means that you don't like the person who gives you the flu. Or the doctor you don't like.


The doctor with whom you talk is a doctor who treats the right things. A good doctor is someone who treats the right things. A doctor who is good at what he does is one who is most likely to be a good doctor.

So if you ask the doctor about something that is bothering you, you have to answer honestly. The fact that you are trying to get rid of the flu or whatever just tells me that you have not taken the time to find out what is bothering you.

This is a good point. We often hear how the doctor is supposed to treat people with all sorts of issues and illnesses, but we often don't actually get any time to discuss them. A good doctor is someone who treats the right things, and we certainly don't want to treat people with diseases or illnesses. The doctor who treats the right things is not someone who is going to give you a prescription for a drug you don't need or something that will kill you.

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