The Devastating Impact of Coronavirus on Memorial

November 22, 2021



The Corona Virus has had a tremendous impact on Memorial. It has been a terrible time and has done quite a bit of harm. Whether it is the amount of traffic at the mall, the lack of entertainment, the lack of social interaction, or even the inability to fly to visit family or friends. The only aspect of Memorial that hasn’t suffered is the lack of people working in that area. But now, there are even more people working in the area.

The Corona Virus has caused a lot of people to take the opportunity to work from home.

We've seen this, especially in the Memorial area. Due to a lack of proper social distancing, there's been a lot of people working outside in the mall. However, there are also a lot more people working in Memorial now.

Most of these people are working in the parking lots, but more and more are also working in the Memorial lot. This may be the only way we can avoid the spread of COVID-19, but right now, Memorial is the only known area that is still working. As people begin to self-isolate more and more, we need to continue to make plans for the Memorial area.

Even with a lot fewer people working in the Memorial lot, it can still feel like a madhouse.

People are going to be in the store, the post office, in the mall, or in the parking lot. While the number of people working outside might be a bit more than normal, the Memorial lot is still the only place that is still bustling at times.

It’s still a crazy madhouse. There are a lot of dead bodies piling up around the store and the post office. For a lot of people, this is the first time they’ve been without a job in their entire life. It would also be a good time for the memorial to be open, but sadly, with all the people that are having a hard time finding work, it seems like the best of both worlds.


The Memorial lot is still the busiest place to work at, but there is nothing normal about it.

The Memorial lot is a shopping mall with a huge parking lot, so many people drive there from all over to get things done. The Memorial lot usually has a lot of activity, but there is no normalcy here. It's almost like the Memorial lot is the only place people can safely get their groceries.

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