Think Navy Is Too Good to Be True? We Have News for You

November 19, 2021



I am going to let you in on some news that I have been hearing for a few years. Navy is one of the most recognized and well-respected brands in the world.

Recently, the Navy released a new “Navy” ad featuring a few of their newest recruits.

These recruits have been working their way through the ranks of the Navy and are now ready to do something that seems impossible. Their goal is to join the Naval Reserves and become a Naval Officer.

The ad's message is a simple one, but it's also a bit tongue-in-cheek for a brand like Navy that is often the target of negative headlines. Like, "Don't you know that Navy is a Navy and a Navy is a Navy?" Now, I know that the Navy doesn't have any officers right now, but I don't think it's a good idea for a brand to advertise this way, ever. In my opinion, it doesn't make a good impression.

As an aside, I'm not one of those people who thinks that a navy is too good to be true. In fact, if it were up to me, I'd be the first one on the moon.

I agree with you in part. On the other hand, if they really wanted to advertise their services, I’d be the first one to sign up. I’ve been on Navy ships and I’ll tell you straight up that I love a good meal. For you Navy, I think you should spend your money on a good meal.

Naval advertising is all the craze these days, so I am sure you can get away with something. But like I said, you know what a navy does for a great meal? It makes everyone else mad.

In the video below, Navy admiral James McPherson says that the Navy's website says it has been around for over a century, but the Navy is actually older than that. But that's not a big deal.

The Navy's website is probably one of the most popular Navy pages. The admiral is clearly a Navy man. But unlike most navy sites, where you can find out a lot more about the fleet, the navy's website does not feature any real information. It's pretty much a list of ships, news, and news about the fleet. But I guess that's okay because even with a list like this, it's still pretty cool to have information about a huge fleet of naval ships.


But it's the information on the homepage that makes the page so cool.

It features a large photo of a ship, along with a brief bio, and an announcement about going into battle. It also includes a list of ships and their current missions, their current weaponry, and information on the fleet's upcoming fleet maneuvers. It also includes a short video about the ship in the photo. The video shows the ship in action and gives us a glimpse into the life of the ship's captain.

The page also includes a section called "The Navy," which is full of info about the navy, ships, and maneuvers.

This page is the page the Navy wants to see. This page is the page the Navy wants to get. There's no mention of how it got there, but after a few seconds of scrolling, we get a glimpse of our naval ancestors, and it's all there in the first few lines that make us want to click the "like" button.

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