8 Hilarious Tweets About Potent

November 18, 2021



Potent is the new self-awareness. Potent is the awareness that you have the ability to take action. Potent is the awareness that it does not matter what your friends or family think. Potent is the awareness that if you want something badly enough, you can achieve it. Potent is the awareness that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

I first stumbled across Potent when I read this amazing article about how not drinking water could save your life.

It was like having a super-smart friend explain the science behind some super-cool thing. It made me realize that my own superpower is also a superpower. In the future, I don't have to be a genius to do all kinds of awesome things. It's not just that I can change the course of my life through the power of my mind.

The thing is, I could also use that same power now. I can do stuff that I thought I couldn’t do a few months ago. I can change the course of my life with a simple thought. It’s scary, but there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. I just have to put my mind to it, and I can make a difference.

I’m not the only one who thinks these tweets are hilarious.

The author of the blog The 8-Hilarious Tweets About Potent says he thinks we’re all laughing at us.

He is absolutely right. You must be wondering about the tweets themselves. Well, yes, of course, you must be. You are a human being, you have the ability to make a difference, but you also have to exercise some of that power.


Potent is a game that is inspired by the classic arcade game Donkey Kong.

It is set in a dark, mysterious, and very real place. The main character is Colt Vahn, a man who has had a life-altering accident. After being shot on a gun range, he wakes up on a beach with no memory of where he is or why he is on the island. Colt is looking for people who have been locked in his time loop since he got shot.

Colt thinks he has been trapped on Deathloop for most of his life, but now he's free, he's been attacked by a man dressed as an elf.

Colt uses his powers to fight off the man and make it to the island. However, he soon finds out that he has been locked in yet another time loop.

I don't know where the time loop ends but it seems that it is something a bit more brutal than just endless days on the beach.

As a side note, I love the use of the word "hilarious". I've used that term in a couple of my blogs recently and it really hit me. I've been saying that for a while now, and I've even had a few friends try to use it. But it seems like the word has become much more used than it used to be, and I think that's cool. It also seems like it's becoming an accepted thing to say.

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