The Best Rustic Movies, Ranked

November 04, 2021



These are the best movies you will ever see. You will never forget the sight of this country’s first great movie maker, Citizen Kane, or the sight of Thomas Keneally’s The Constant Gardener.

For any movie lover, and I do mean anyone who loves great movies, those three titles are as close to perfection as you will ever find. A film can be so overrated that it doesn’t even make a list. Sometimes a movie is so bad that it actually makes a list. This is when a movie actually takes the top spot. Not just on lists of terrible movies, but the very top.

The last two films from Citizen Kane and The Constant Gardener are the two that I think should be considered films that are better than great movies.

They are some of the best films ever made and the very best of their era. Now I have to admit, I haven't seen either Citizen Kane or The Constant Gardener, but I have seen The Sound and the Fury, and it was a great movie.

I mean, I have seen some pretty awful movies, but neither are terrible. I know a lot of people hate Citizen Kane, and I personally find that depressing, but I think it was one of the best movies ever made. It's also the film that inspired me to write my own book, although I do feel that it is a bit overrated.

Citizen Kane is one of the most well-known American films and is universally regarded as being one of the greatest movies ever made.

It’s also a great story and I recommend that you watch it for that reason. It’s more than just a great film, though. The Sound and the Fury is the first film I wrote for the book, and it’s the first movie I’ve ever written.

I’ve been going to the cinema pretty regularly since I was old enough to stay up until the wee hours of the morning. One of the movies I’ve watched the most often is Citizen Kane. When I was 6 I had seen a ton of movies that were much better than Citizen Kane, but I’ve tried to watch a ton of other movies since then. It’s a great story and it’s certainly a great movie.


In my opinion, I think Citizen Kane is the best film ever made. I believe it is the first film that you could say has a “core theme” that all other films with the same theme or story share. That is to say that most of the films that I enjoy are very much influenced by Citizen Kane. But I also believe that I've seen a variety of movies that are just as good.

I also like that I've seen a lot of good films, so I've tried to include a lot of the very best ones in this ranking. There are also a few movies that have been released recently that I consider among my favorites.

I believe that I've seen a lot of the best Rustic Movies because I grew up watching these and I've always loved them. There are so many good films out there and I've always loved the fact that there are so many great films out there that I could never possibly try to get into. It's also important to note that I'm not talking about movies that I've seen in person, I'm talking about films that I've seen online.

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