The Ultimate Guide to Saucony

November 27, 2021



If you’re a Saucony fan, you already know that they are the most popular brand in the United States and have been for years. They recently announced that they will be opening a new flagship store in Portland, Oregon this spring. Now I’ll be honest though, I don’t really know much about the brand, so I can’t say that I can vouch for the quality of the items that the store will carry.

Saucony is the best thing to come from Germany for a very long time.

It started out in the 70's with a small clothing store called Die Haus-einleitung on the Berlin-Bahn. When the store closed, the band came back and opened their first store in Munich which we all know still exists today. The brand was around for a very long time and while it has always been a little weird, the new store has been a great success.

The new store is called the S-Store, and it has been in the same location in Munich for years.

This is the only German store in the United States that offers S-Line and is located on our site. It has a large selection of men's suits, dresses, shirts, and ties. I've found it easy to walk in and order a dress shirt or pair of slacks, and its one of the few places that carry the best quality of men's suits in Germany.

The most common mistake we make with our S-Store is to choose a dress that fits the person and the store wants it to have, or to fit people that don't wear the clothes they are buying.

Saucony's customer service is first-rate and if you are at all interested in purchasing a suit, I suggest you check it out.

If you would like to buy a suit with a certain style or style of dress, you can check out the website below. Also, you can purchase a suit at a store like S-Store that has a limited supply of shirts, shorts, and pants. The shirts and pants have a lot of styles that fit the person, but for some reason, the clothes on the floor and in the house are a little harder to find.

Also, check out the website below for a good place to get your suit sewn.

I think this is the first thing that we'll want to talk about when we get started with the guide.


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