The Fascinating Science of Nocturnal

November 14, 2021


 Nocturnal is a documentary of the fascinating world of sleep. It explores the science behind the mind when it's most at peace, the science behind the body when it's most at rest, and the biology of dreams.

The whole point of this documentary is that it’s all about sleep.

It’s about the mind and the body together, and we never get to see their interaction. We see the mind when it’s asleep and we see the body when it’s at rest, but there’s no interaction between the two.

The documentary is very much a science documentary, with the most startling fact being that the brain is made up of two distinct parts, one of which we call the neocortex and the other the limbic system. The neocortex is responsible for all of the higher thought functions, while the limbic system is responsible for our emotions, behaviors, and the like. It is the neocortex that is awake, and the limbic system is the one that is in sleep.

The limbic system is actually responsible for the creation of the subconscious, which is the part of the brain that is responsible for our memories and daydreaming.

The subconscious is the part of the brain that is our thoughts and emotions without our awareness. The fact that you can't think without your subconscious is why science fiction films made us think differently.

The brain is actually the most complex piece of machinery known to man. It’s the most complex object in the universe. It has over 100 billion neurons, or nerve cells, and over a quadrillion synapses. The brain runs on a cocktail of electricity, known as the electrochemical potential. It’s a little like the amount of electric charge in the universe. It goes up and down.


The only thing that is more complex than the brain is the human body. The human body is an electrochemical machine. The electrochemical potential in the human body is the same as the electrochemical potential in the brain. All the electrochemical potentials in the universe are the same. The electrochemical potential in the brain, in the human body, is the same as the electrochemical potential on earth.

A more complete electrochemical explanation of the brain's electrochemical cycles can be found here.

What's really interesting is that by combining the electrochemical cycles of the human brain with the electrochemical cycles of the human body, we can create a whole new form of matter. This new form of matter can be called a "nocturnal." The nocturnal matter is the opposite of electrochemical matter. It is the simplest, most fundamental form of matter, only different in that it is not a living being, nor is it completely chemically neutral.

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