The Future According to Signature Experts

November 13, 2021



I recently had the opportunity to meet with a bunch of the top experts in the residential real estate industry and asked them a variety of questions about future trends and what they see as the top trends for the housing industry going forward. I’ll share their answers below.

My first takeaway from the conversation was that there is no end to the price increase in housing prices.

In fact, it’s been rising at an accelerating rate for years. In many cases, real estate agents are still being paid less than what they used to be, which is a problem even in good times for the industry. In addition, the competition for commissions and commissions to “get it right” is very strong.

The fact is that the majority of the housing market is still in a bubble due to the increasing demand for housing and the lack of supply. While it’s possible to overshoot the mark, the market is still in a bubble so you can’t expect it to fall at any point soon. The best advice people can give about what’s going to happen is to keep an eye on the price movement closely.

In the early days of the housing bubble, the most common types of homes were traditional stick-frame houses with attached garages.

Even if you weren't in the real estate industry, you would have never guessed that this was the most popular type of home. But after the bubble burst, the housing industry has been trying to figure out what to do with the now-unsealed inventory of homes that were sold prior to the peak.

I know some of you are thinking that this is nothing more than a bunch of people taking our word for it, and maybe they are. But I've been looking into the industry myself and I can tell you that there are real experts who are looking at this and creating a new model for the housing market. That's why I'm writing this. This is the same model that they are trying to establish in the music industry.


If you want to know about a whole new way to look at your home's equity, consider this.

The problem with the housing bubble is that people were making money by flipping houses at a rate that was unsustainable. Houses were sold, flipped, and sold again. This is what drove the housing bubble and the bust.

We've all been on the road to see where the housing market is now and see the number of new construction projects popping up. The market is seeing a new growth in the number of new homes being built and the prices being paid for them. And while we have all of this excitement and new construction, the experts are saying that we should expect to see the market continue to rise for the next few years.

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