The Difference Between Men and Women When It Comes to Tucson

November 15, 2021



The difference between men and women in Tucson is that men tend to be more direct and assertive, whereas women tend to be more subtle and passive.

The first rule of being a woman in Tucson is that you have to be direct.

If you try to avoid directness, you’ll be the first to get slapped. Then if you try to do it anyway, you’ll get slapped again. Then you’ll be accused of being a bitch/whore/slut/etc. And you’ll never be able to live that down.

We think the difference is even more obvious in the gender divide in Tucson. In fact, the only thing that's been really consistent is that women are often the ones who get the flak, and men are the ones who get the praise. The reason for this is that while men tend to be more verbal, women tend to be more visual. To a woman who has never had to work with a man, visual may sound like a compliment.

That being said, I would like to tell you that I am not a bitchwhoreslut.

I am not someone who uses any of the many, many derogatory words in our language to describe me. I am not someone who uses language like "dickwad" or "a bitch" when I don't like how something is done. But what I am is a person who has the ability to see what is right without having to use an insult.

If you asked me, I would say that Tucson, Arizona is a woman's paradise. It's a city where women are celebrated for being strong, independent, athletic, and beautiful. It's also a city that has a strong, progressive culture where women are allowed to pursue their passions. But there's an ugly side to this too. For the most part, women in Arizona are treated like second-class citizens, often being relegated to the back of the bus.

It's not uncommon for women in Arizona to be treated as second-class citizens these days especially when it comes to personal freedoms.

This is partially because there is a very strong progressive culture in this city, but it's also because women in Arizona are still treated like second-class citizens. I know this because I've been there myself. It's not a place where I would have expected a woman to be treated like a second-class citizen, but it's not exactly an ideal place for women to live.


I've been a woman here and I've been treated like a second-class citizen. I've been treated like a second-class citizen because women in this state are still treated as second-class citizens.

I've always had to wonder how I could be treated like a second-class citizen, but I didn't expect this would be the case here. You see, I've only been to Tucson once, and it was when I was a freshman in college. I came here to visit family, not for a vacation. I wasn't thinking about how to get a job, I was thinking about my future.

We all know that a lot of the time a person never leaves home.

They live their entire life in and out of their parent’s house. When a person moves to a new city, they take over the house of their parents. Moving to a new city is a significant change, and women don’t usually leave the house at all unless they have to or unless they are pregnant.

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