5 Ways Words for Lifestyle Can Suck the Life Out of You

December 01, 2021



Words can suck the life out of you. Literally. I’ve witnessed it time and time again as I’ve been out and about with my friends. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but when someone is talking about themselves, they can’t help but sound arrogant, judgmental, or at the very least, self-centered.

This is actually one of those life-changing experiences that can happen to anyone.

It could be as trivial as saying something to a friend who has started dating someone else, or it could be as major as saying your first words to someone you love. It depends on your relationship and your words.

I've always been a big believer in saying things to myself. But there is this other side of that coin that I don't fully understand. Say the words and then you get that sick feeling. I've been doing this for years, and it is still a struggle. The best advice I can give you is to say things to yourself as often as your life allows.

People who say their first words to their significant other are pretty much guaranteed to have a high-pitched, grumpy, and somewhat insane response from the other person.

This just happened to me in a very recent relationship. It was an overshare that I didn’t realize I was supposed to give first. My boyfriend had a major stroke. I was a huge, huge burden. I had a bunch of other major shit happen in my life that he didn’t know about.

Many people don't think of themselves as a person, but when they do, they know that they're a person. People who don't think they're a person are no more a person than the rest of the world. I have to admit, I am often amazed by people who think that they're a person. I feel like a great deal of the time when they think I'm a person would be better for them than a person who's not a person.

The problem is that a lot of people don't feel like people.

We have a tendency to think of ourselves as being these things. When we think of ourselves as being these things, we start to think of ourselves as a person. If we were just a person, we’d be able to do all the things that our brains can do. But we’re not.


When we think of ourselves as being these things, we start to think of ourselves as a person. And when we think of ourselves as a person, we start to think of ourselves as having these other things that we don't. It becomes like we think that we have these superpowers or that we are these kinds of people.

Life sucks, all the time.

But, so what? It can be a little depressing to think that we have to try to make our lives as perfect as possible. And that we have to spend all the time we can on the things we think are important. But I guess that's what people do when they are kids or teenagers or young adults. They run around and build their lives around their dreams.

That's what we do. We just have to run around and build our lives around our dreams.

And that's not such a bad thing. But there are some things that we have to do that are more important than the things that we think matter most. If we could just take a step back and be honest with ourselves about what really matters to us, then we'd probably realize that we need to stop doing all the things that suck.

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