Forget Everything You’ve Ever Known About Allergies Lifestyle and Health

December 01, 2021


 The truth is that the “allergy” conversation is really just a conversation about our personal experience of the symptoms and the illness. The reality is that every person’s experiences are different, and every person can’t be allergic to all the same things. When we identify the source of a person’s issue, we can decide what we can do and can’t do to help.

The reality is, an allergy can be a disease.

The reality is that every life is a spectrum between health and illness. The reality is that we cant go from being able to eat with a full stomach to being unable to eat a single bite of food. We can't go from being able to have a full bladder to having to pee every time we want to go pee. And all of these things can be experienced by every person.

So, if you have a reaction to something, we ask you if you think that reaction is normal or if you think it shouldn’t happen. If you know that you have a reaction (and you don’t) then you may choose to think about your reactions to things. You can think about ways to relieve your symptoms, ways to help you feel better, and things you can do to prevent the next reaction.

I’ve always thought that the word "no reaction" was a little bit misleading in the general sense of those words.

But the reality is that in most states of the art, no reaction is normal. The only reaction we can see is "if you don't care about that." We can’t see that. And so we have to think about that.

This was the point I was making in my article on allergies and health. Because you can’t see your reactions, you can’t really change anything. So how can you change your reactions? You can try to put yourself in the shoes of someone whose reactions you’re in. You can try to imagine what it would feel like if you had a reaction and imagine what it would like to have the same reaction again.


You might think that if you were allergic to something, you wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

But that’s a very limited view of the world. Most allergies are caused by something we are exposed to that is harmful, like dust, pollen, or pets.

The difference between a typical allergic reaction and a true allergy is that a true allergy has a specific cause. A typical reaction is caused by something we are exposed to. It might be pollen or dust, and for most people, it's something they are allergic to. The most common type of allergies is food and drug allergies. They are usually caused by something that has a chemical, or a compound that can cause a reaction in someone, like a certain food or drug.

Allergies are not always allergic to humans, and they may be more common to environmental allergens than to food.

Some allergens can be the result of allergens that are specific to a certain animal or plant. Some allergens are not even known to the general public yet.

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