KuCoin as Market Leader in Blockchain and Digital Finance

August 09, 2022

 Keep pushing their limits is KuCoin’s foremost target. Rather than a crypto market downtrend, KuCoin achieves two trillion in trade volume with eighteen million users and a thousand workers. With around ten billion USD in fundraising, KuCoin is prepared to play a crucial role in the blockchain. The high security provided by KuCoin conjointly takes half in attracting additional traders to that. This post discusses KuCoin as the market leader in blockchain and digital finance. We talk about the success of the KuCoin platform and their support for Metaverse. 

Trading Volume

This year KuCoin’s trading volume multiplied by 180% compared to last year. Quarterly the trading volume is eleven billion bucks in spot and hits the most vary of twenty-three billion USD in future trading. Consistent with the region, Europe has the most growth, with 381% on the KuCoin platform. Similarly, growth in America and the continent is 189. This increase in volume is because of the vast quantity of coins listed on the KuCoin platform like BTC, KCS, USDC, and several others.

Number of Traders

The new users are part of KuCoin on an outsized scale area unit from Asia. The expansion proportion is regarding 659%. Whereas traders from the center East conjointly show smart interest in KuCoin, a growing proportion of 152% associated with last year. 

KuCoin Labs

KuCoin labs invest a hundred million USD to support the Metaverse. The most goal of this investment is to empower the Metaverse and invest in new projects of Web 3.0 from the beginning. The foremost goal of this system is to support the various projects associated with Metaverse, GameFi, NFTs, localized structure, and different advanced technologies. KuCoin also supports different mining pools like the Bitcoin mining pool. 

Crypto Blockchain Infrastructures

KuCoin labs participate in several advancements in blockchain infrastructure. You’ll be able to see different cross-chain bridges between Ethereum and Bitcoin conjointly. The KuCoin labs area unit is extremely curious about such technologies in the best interest of crypto lovers. These steps conjointly play a significant role in the crypto trade’s success. 

NFTs and Metaverse

The success of NFTs may be a major step for the KuCoin. The merch of Defi and the recreation trade play necessary roles in Metaverse advancement. Different ecosystems were introduced in support of the expansion of NFTs. 

Growth of Defi

The Defi is growing stunningly by providing a localized resolution to several individuals about Web 3.0. Defi provides additional management to users and guarantees high-level security to them. This transparency controls a high variety of people within the Metaverse world. Therefore, KuCoin labs set a particular fund for Defi integration and altered the Defi system on their website. 


KuCoin was launched in 2017 and is popular throughout the globe. It operates in regarding two hundred countries. You’ll notice different currencies, one in every of the foremost powerful SOL price, and live charts on the KuCoin website. KuCoin lab’s investment may be a huge sign of this support. They participate in developing the recreation trade, NFTs, and different infrastructures. 

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