Confronting Racial Injustice in the 20 Negro Law Industry

October 21, 2021



The fact is that despite our best efforts, the majority of the law industry is not racist. It is the minority of the law industry that is, as the name implies. The majority of those in the black law industry are white and many of them are the best, most educated, most experienced lawyers in the country. There are, however, some who are not as talented, educated, or experienced.

With only black lawyers representing the majority of the law industry, when it comes to representation for African Americans, there is a lot of prejudice and racism. It is especially prevalent in the courtroom. African Americans often have not been able to find representation in many areas of law because they were not represented by the law firm where they work.

The idea behind our work is to help these individuals find a good attorney who will represent them.

This means we work to ensure they have the opportunity to learn about their rights and to learn the law so that they can learn the most appropriate route for them to go in the courtroom. We see this as a very positive thing and have been able to accomplish this goal. Not every attorney is black, and many are white.

In the areas of law, we specialize in, we’re also very focused on helping our clients to be aware of their rights. While we’re not lawyers, we are very aware of the laws and how they apply to our clients. For example, one of our areas of law focuses on the “Caucasian” vs. “Negro” race card.


It is said that there are about 4,000 attorneys practicing in the United States, and these attorneys are responsible for representing over one hundred million citizens. However, that statistic only includes the lawyers that take the cases on. That means that many of them are not aware of their rights.

Yes, that's right. We're not lawyers, so it's great that we are aware of our rights, but it's also great that we're not the only ones. The NAACP, African American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and many other organizations have dedicated their efforts to help minorities. We're also aware of our rights, but we also know that we are not alone.

What this means is that there are literally thousands of lawyers out there fighting for the rights of African Americans, Latinos, whites, Jews, Asians, etc.

but many of them are completely ignorant of their power. Many of these lawyers have had their lives destroyed by their communities, while their clients are being murdered by their own communities. Their ignorance often results in them not even knowing their rights.

A lot of the things that African Americans face are due to the fact that they are African Americans. That means that they are still seen as “other.” But most of these people in the “Negro Law Industry” don't really believe that. In fact, they are often so ignorant that they actually believe that they are entitled to these rights.

The Civil Rights Movement wasn't about racism. It wasn't about people who didn't believe in inequality. It's about people who do believe in inequality. But they don't actually believe in it. They believe that their rights are being violated.

In the Negro Law Industry, African Americans have to deal with a different reality.

They are still seen as outsiders. In the law industry, it's more like in the military. As in the military, they are seen as the enemy. They are seen as having to fight their own kind. But in the law industry, those same laws are handed out to the black community. The same laws are used in other industries.


The reality is that the Negro Law Industry is not a very professional group. It is a group that has been made up of the “best” lawyers and judges from the community but they are often used as shills for the white leadership in the community. For example, if a white person has a problem with a black person, they will go to a law firm and plead their case.

The way we are trained in our law schools is very different than in other industries.

We are taught to have a code of ethics. This means that we all have a set amount of professionalism and behavior that we expect from each other. That is often not the case in the legal industry. One of the reasons the black community has high unemployment is because they have so many people who have been trained in the law but not educated up to the level that is needed to be a good attorney.

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