Should You Be Worried About Your Job if You're in the Manager Business?

October 31, 2021



It can be hard to stay motivated when you feel like you are always at the mercy of someone else. But if you are in a sales or management position, you might be tempted to work harder, even if the end result is the exact same as when you started. You can keep your head on a swivel and keep working to be the best you can be, and sometimes that can be enough to keep you working.

I’ve heard of managers who are known for being ruthless. 

They might find that working on their own schedule is their only way to stay motivated because what they are doing is so much harder than when they were working for someone else.

A manager's job is sometimes to manage people. They can be the person who says no to things that are out of their control or the person who says yes to things that are in their control. Sometimes they have to be the one who says yes to things that are out of their control because they are forced to.

Managers are a lot of things, but at the end of the day, they are managers for someone. They are also managers for others. If it isn’t for someone else, it probably isn’t for you.

Being a manager is, among other things, the ability to be in charge of other people. Being a manager is not about being in charge of people you don’t like, or people who you don’t think are worth having around. A manager is a person who has the power to make decisions and have a say in how they are being made. So if you are not in charge of the people you work with, then you are not in charge of anyone.

So I have a friend who is a manager at a company. 

They are very hands-on, and they do a lot of things that are not usually part of a manager's job description. But as a manager with the company, they have the highest degree of autonomy of any employee, and that is the power that makes the difference.

Most managers do not have a formal process to make these decisions. They feel they have the power to make their decisions, but it is not formalized. That is a big problem in an office setting because it is very hard to get everyone on the same page and get everyone to agree on what decisions are important to the organization. The manager of the company where I work is a manager who has a formal job description, but his job description is not a formal process.


A manager's job is to lead his or her team and to be the voice for the team. 

That is not to say that the manager should not feel like they have a voice, but that theirs is not official. A manager should feel free to make decisions at any time without a lot of discussion or consultation.

If you are a manager, you can do this without feeling like you have to take a lot of responsibility, but it can be a little scary to think that you actually have to do things as well as everyone else. A lot of managers feel that they have to "do it all", so they may not feel like they can give others advice on how to do their job.

I think people who are managers tend to have a bit of a "managers" mentality, where they feel that they have to do it all. 

In our research of the average manager, we know that this is often because managers tend to feel they have to be the ones making the decisions, and they are less comfortable with the idea of someone else having to make them. Our research also revealed that managers are often more likely to be overworked and under-appreciated than other occupations.

In management, people tend to look for the obvious and try to do more of it than others. This is called being “in the zone.” This is a trait that is a lot of the reason why these people have a lot of stress and burnout in their work. They can easily get overwhelmed at work, and that will likely result in them not giving their full attention to the work.

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