11 Adult Hacks Only the Pros Know

November 27, 2021


 I've talked about the problem of procrastination in my previous posts, but I figured I would take it one step further and explore some of the more common adult hacks that most of us, myself included, use every day. (And a few of them, actually.) Some of these hacks can seem silly, but they make the world a better place and help us get things done.

These are the 3 most common adult hacks that most of us seem to use every day, but I'm sure they'll get you a few more for your $10.

A good start is to break down some of the excuses we use to not do the things that we want to do. For example, I used to get all excited about doing my taxes, but then I’d realize I had to actually go and do my taxes. Then I’d get mad because I knew I’d have to do them anyway. Another common one is I’d procrastinate for a second and then do something.

A good example of this is why we procrastinate so much.

We all know that if we wait until the last minute to do something, we’ll never get everything done in time. Or for that matter, why would we even try. But we also know that if we do something now, we’ll have the opportunity to do it later. This is exactly why we procrastinate so much.

A friend of mine has been doing taxes for a long time and when she told me that I would have to do them, I was very, very hesitant.

She just told me to do them and that she'd figure it out. Then I started doubting her and I had a really bad day.

The best thing to do is to start early. The worse you start doing something, the later you will be when it's time to finish it. Start early.


For any other activity, it is important to start early. This is why we do so many things – our job, our hobbies, our business – we start earlier and we finish later. So if you don't start earlier, you will never finish later.

This is where the “adult” in “adult hacks” comes in. If you are a mom who has kids, you know how important it is to start training them when they are young.

The sooner they are ready, the sooner they will be ready when they are ready. If you dont start earlier, you will never finish later.

The same is true for adults. So you need to start saving early, you need to start training your kids, you need to become early adopters and you need to start sharing your hacks. This is why we are here. This is why the adult in adult hacks comes in.

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