10 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Brain

November 17, 2021


The human brain is a complex beast, and the human mind has the ability to be highly intelligent and highly sophisticated. We have an amazing ability to learn and grow, to remember things that other people might forget, and to retain them later. The human brain is a very complex organ and like all organs, it has a number of different components.

The Center does not just seem to be a pretty, pretty place. 

It's got a lot of important components, from building structures to maintaining a complex economy. With such a complex structure, it is natural that a small piece of the brain might seize up and shut down completely.

The fact that we are able to learn and retain information is truly incredible. And if you’ve ever been frustrated trying to read something and just can’t get it to work, then you might have had a problem with your brain. But the fact that centers seem to have this ability is a little weird because that ability seems to be somewhat dependent on the environment we’re in.

When you talk about brainpower, the word “reliable” comes to mind. 

But it seems that it is dependent on a very basic form of brain function: the ability to remember things. And it seems to be not only a product of our personal brain but of our society’s as well. From the time that we were infants, things have seemed to be pretty darn reliable for us.

What about the time you were still around? Were you still reliable when it came to things like remembering? Or were you unreliable? Remembering. A word that is used to describe a type of memory that is very specific. Sometimes we are so good at remembering things that it is difficult to actually remember that we have been there. When we think about a time we were very unreliable, we think about something happening to us, or we remember something that never happened.

So what's with this story about the time a bird flew into the window of your house? I'm guessing you don't want to talk about the time you were flying in the sky because you might have actually died.

I like this story because it illustrates how memory works. We can remember so much detail about a past event or experience because it is so specific. So the story makes me think about the times we are very unreliable with our memories. It also makes me think about how a person can still be alive. We can remember specific details so well because we are so much more specific about that specific event or experience that our memory is very specific.


I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed with my memory as I was in the film Center. I kept hoping it would go back to normal, but it didn't. I think the movie is a great example of how our memories work. You can't keep a person alive who has lost their memory.

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