How Centennial Saved My Life

November 17, 2021



Centennial was the first company I visited when I moved from the Midwest to the Southwest, and it was the first company I ever visited when I moved back home. I was instantly impressed with the entire organization and the people who worked there. Their staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and I felt like they treated me like they would a friend. It was a company that was as much about taking care of their customers as it was about taking care of themselves.

Centennial was founded in 2004, and I remember it being one of those companies that didn’t really need to advertise much because they were so successful. 

They kept it small and focused on their core customers, so people would tell friends of theirs that they were in the market for a new washing machine. Of course, you could call the company and ask for their customer service number, and they’d give you their contact information.

Centennial really did a great job of staying on their customers’ radar. After doing a lot of research into their core customer base, they decided to sell their washing machines through their own website. They also used a lot of their own marketing materials to build up their customer base by telling their story and introducing new members. They set up a Facebook page that allowed people to share their stories with their friends. They also created a Twitter following and a blog.

I have to admit that Centennial did a great job of getting a lot of buzz and attention for their product. 

It’s nice to see other companies doing that. Centennial is also a great example of where marketing through social media can be used to achieve success. It’s only recently that Centennial started to use LinkedIn for marketing, but this was a wise decision. LinkedIn has a ton of useful tools for getting out to your own audience and building awareness.


I think Centennial has been doing a great job getting people talking and getting their message out to the public. Centennial has gone from an obscure little indie studio to a $10 billion company and now has this new Twitter following. To top it all off, they just showed a new trailer of their game with all these cool powers and a bunch of cool outfits. It's pretty freaking awesome.

I’m not exactly sure what made Centennial make the choice to go with the “new Twitter following” approach, but I can tell you one thing: it works. 

They have a ton of people talking about their game, they have a ton of followers, and they have a ton of cool stuff. Their marketing approach is working, and I’m happy they have this new toolset to help them do it.

I love Twitter. In fact, I love the whole idea of it. But I hate that it takes too long to respond to messages. So I don't like that I have to wait for the next person to tweet back, or that it takes a few minutes to post a message. So I was happy to see Twitter make it easier for people to follow each other and post messages. Now that we can all follow each other, we're even more connected.

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