11 Last Minute Definition Gifts for [Holiday]

November 17, 2021



We are in the season of giving and it is time to be thankful for what is in our lives. We are the ones who need to be thankful for what we have and what we have is often fleeting, but our thoughts and actions are all we have. This year, I hope to honor these “holidays” with at least one more gift to give someone – a gift they will take and keep forever.

So as we mark the holidays, it's important to consider what we should be thankful for this year. What we have is fleeting, but it's our thought and action patterns that determine our worth. If we keep a list of things we're thankful for, we can be more aware of how our actions and thoughts may affect our lives in the future.

The first gift on the list is a simple one: A notebook. 

You can gift your loved one with a notebook with a few simple words scribbled in the front. Maybe your loved one will choose to write something down, but it might also be a good idea to give them the gift without any expectation.

A notebook is one of those things that is always on our list and we never seem to get around to using it. It’s one of those things that we don’t really have the time to use because we want something else. In fact, our own list of great gift ideas (like the book), we never seem to actually use them.

Even the most common gift items on our list of Christmas-related gift ideas aren't necessarily used, let alone the ones that are. 

This is because they might be too expensive, and we don't really need the stuff as we're already living out of boxes. The most common gift items that we seem to spend every single Christmas buying are our Christmas presents, but they're not really the ones we need.

We use our Christmas presents as a way to give our loved ones gifts without spending a ton of money. For instance, if we got a $10 Amazon gift card, we would use that and buy a couple of Christmas presents without spending a single dollar on it. A couple of times we got gift cards that were half off so we had to use them to buy a few more Christmas presents, but they weren't as useful as the ones we buy in the first place.


That's why I love Amazon gift cards. 

They are great because you can buy more Christmas presents than you would otherwise be able to afford. A few of the best are on sale right now, and it's very easy to find them in bulk. It could just be that most people are buying more gifts this year than they typically do.

Amazon gift card codes tend to be a lot more useful than typical gift cards because they allow the recipient to use the code on virtually anything they want. That includes anything on Amazon.com. The best code sales right now include a $100 AMZN code good for $50 or more, and a $100 Amazon Gift Card code good for $100 or more.

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