An Exclusive Sneak Peak at What's Next for Copd

November 05, 2021



This past summer, I had the opportunity to have a glimpse at what’s to come for Copd. A week in Boston, a trip to Austin, and a few days in New Orleans and the South of France put me in a different perspective on what Copd is and how it's going to look like after the end of the year.

It’s the first part of what we’re calling a “transition” for the game.

We’ve been doing so much groundwork (and re-work) that we’ve decided to take a break for the new year. After that, we’ll be back to work on the story and new features.

It's hard to say what will be next for Copd because it's really a game that is going to be built around the player's story. We've done a lot of research into how games work and how they can be used to tell stories. There's no doubt that we want to do a story-driven game so that you can make your own decisions and have a say in how the story unfolds.

We'll be back around the end of the year with a new story trailer, a new character, and new story elements.

Well as it turns out, Colt Vahn may be the last of the Visionaries since he was found frozen in the ice in the game’s prologue. The other Visionaries have locked the island and its inhabitants into a repeating day so they can get drunk and watch the world burn. Colt Vahn is the last of them and his story is our story. He is in charge of a group of people who have been locked in a day for some reason and they have to escape.

So if you've had a day to kill, you can kill the rest of the visionaries.

And once that's done then you can start planning how to make life a little bit better for everyone. With the island's power up, we're going to have a bit of a power struggle. We really want to give those Visionaries a chance to make their way back home and we have to do it without killing the rest of the island's inhabitants.

The island is populated by a bunch of people who have been locked in a day and now need to escape. And once you escape the island and you escape the island you get to work on making life a little bit better for everyone. The first thing you do is make sure that there’s not a lot of people out there who are still locked in a day and need to get free. That is why you’ll probably be on Deathloop for a bit.


The island is home to a bunch of Visionaries who have been locked in a day and need to escape.

So there are a bunch of people out there who will be looking to help them. But they also have a job. Their job is to make sure that the island stays safe. And so they are going to be on Deathloop for a bit. This is why youll probably be on Deathloop for a bit.

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