13 Tricks to Kick Your Worst Recipes Habits

November 04, 2021



Sometimes we’ve been so busy living that we’ve forgotten to cook our favorite recipes. After all, the idea of cooking these foods is so much more than just eating them. There are many more ways of making them.

Of course, many of us have been guilty of this for years.

Many of us are just too busy for the day-to-day enjoyment of cooking to be worth it anymore. That's because we've been so busy that we've lost touch with the simple joys of cooking.

Cooking can be fun, but it is not simple. There are a lot more ways to add flavor and spice into even the simplest foods. And when you've got a huge family, you'll want to have as many recipes as possible at all times so you don't go hungry.

The more recipes you have, the more likely you are to cook them to death. A recipe that makes 4 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat in a recipe that only calls for one tablespoon of oil and one teaspoon of salt is going to be very difficult to make and might end up being just as bad as the recipe that calls for a dozen eggs and a couple of tablespoons of oil.

I'm often asked about how I do my cooking.

My answer is usually "I don't have a recipe for that." I mean it's nice to cook good food, but when your cooking is as simple as it is, your cooking is just as bad. Like I said, the more you cook, the more you'll get good food poisoning. And this is a very important point.

If you are cooking something that requires a lot of cooking oil, salt, and eggs, and you need to make it for a party, you are already pretty close to the edge of the bad road.

I think it's really important to understand how bad your culinary self is because it will help you keep away from bad food. One of my bad habits is to cook a lot of potatoes for a meal. I will do this for 4 days straight until I lose all interest.

You can check out this article at the link below for more information on bad food.

I know it's a bad habit because I have seen it happen to my family.


I have known people who have eaten food they could never eat again simply because they had gone off potatoes. I know people who will eat potatoes every day (I'm still waiting for my first meal of the day). So you can do it too.

I know you're probably thinking, "what?" I know you're probably wondering why I'm talking about this. It's because I know how difficult it can be to kick bad habits. I've been on that journey myself. I have made mistakes that I would never repeat and I know that once you start kicking bad food habits, you can never stop. There is a lot of science to this one. You can read more about it here.

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