10 Surprising Ways Movement Can Affect Your Health

November 20, 2021



As I mentioned in the previous post, the movement has been shown to improve health. The benefits of movement are complex and varied, yet there are plenty of reasons to get moving.

One of the first examples that pop up in my mind to show that movement improves health is the discovery that walking is actually good for the brain. When we walk, our brain actually sends signals to other parts of our body, like the heart and the lungs, asking them to pump more blood. This is why walking is often used as a treatment for heart disease and cancer.

The reason that our brain doesn't tell the heart, lungs, and so on to stop pumping blood just by walking is because the brain is so intertwined with the rest of our body.

There are a few other reasons, such as the fact that the brain is one of the most complex parts of the body and it has a lot of moving parts. There are, however, some other reasons and we'll discuss these in a second.

This isn't just a health thing. It is known that when your brain is busy pumping blood, it increases the number of chemicals called nitrites in the bloodstream which can affect your immune system. Studies have also shown that exercise increases the number of nitrites in the blood. And yet, despite this, we still often do quite a bit of walking (or running) when we're at our healthiest.


This is a common misconception.

Our blood is full of both nitrites and nitrates, which are both chemicals that increase inflammation and our risk for infections. The nitrites and nitrates in our blood are released by our stomach lining, and that can affect us throughout digestion and elimination. When the stomach lining is clogged with bacteria, it increases the chance of infection. And yet, we continue to walk around and run around even when we’re so very sick.

For those who assume that we are always running around, I have some news for you:

It’s not true. Studies have shown that we’re not only running around, but we are also walking around as well.

The more we are active, the more we are moving around. So, for those with a busy lifestyle or those who just don’t like to sit still, there is a wide range of ways that we can move around, and most of them involve a lot of walking. And that’s why there are so many ways to improve your health. The good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure that you are always moving.

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