How Offshore Saved My Life

November 01, 2021


In 2012, my wife and I decided to go through a divorce. We were already in the process of sorting out our finances and getting organized. And then we hit a financial snag that really caused us to change our lives. We were so deep in debt that we couldn’t get out of our own way. We lived paycheck to paycheck, and we were working long hours to make ends meet. We had no time for ourselves or our kids or our partners’ kids.

When I was 19 I was working construction. I was living at home with a girlfriend, and we were struggling to make ends meet. I went to college and had a job, but I didn't have any income coming in. I was in debt, and my debt was killing me.

We were living paycheck to paycheck and had no time for ourselves. 

We had a lot of bills, and every month I was going to college and had to put myself through school. I had to get a job and work and pay off the credit cards.

By the time I graduated, I had about $50 in my checking account, which I had put in the bank to pay for my college tuition and a few other student loan payments. I had no idea how much I had left to pay back, or how much could be taken out in interest. My parents did not take care of me, and my girlfriend and I were struggling to get by on my own.

My first job was in the finance department of a major corporation. That was my first job outside of my hometown and the first job I ever had that required me to be out of town. It was in the business unit and I worked in the finance department. That is where I learned how to deal with cash and how to calculate the amount of interest that was due. That is also where I met my current girlfriend, who worked in the same finance department.

As it turns out, when I first entered that finance department I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea what the hell I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted a better life and that I knew I had to earn it. Unfortunately, I was out of town for a couple months at the time. I came back to the country and my best friend and I started working for the same company where I had worked before.

My friend and I, along with a handful of other finance staff, were the first to get laid off, and it left me a bit stunned. I had worked so hard my whole life to get a better life. I knew I had to take care of myself. I knew I had to take care of myself and stay in shape. I knew I had to take care of myself and stay in shape, and that all I had to do was just keep going.

I just couldn't get my head around it. 

I was really young, and I knew that if I did start working for this company again, my life would be over. I had no idea why that thought was so crazy to me. I couldn't even really think about the idea of being laid off until I was in my early 30s.


Well, that's a very good question. I had a friend who worked at this company and he talked about this thing that happened to him. He was laid off in 2008 and he had been working as a maintenance worker. He ended up in the same situation as me. While he was working at this company he had some health problems and he went to the doctor and he got better and got fired for that.

So he was laid off, he got fired for getting sick, and he eventually was laid off. 

He had no warning regarding his layoff and was just told to get the hell out of there. While he was laid off, he was offered a better job, but he didn't take it. He told me that this company gave him a severance package.

This is one of those companies that I can’t even begin to tell you about. The company that I worked for is called S&S, which is a term of endearment for ‘Sick and Sick’. To put it in plain English, the company is a place where people get sick just like you and I do.

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