The Beginner's Guide to Shredded

November 27, 2021



This is a recipe that I use in a few of my recipes and just about any time I use shredded or shredded chicken. I don’t know why it’s such a good idea to have chicken shredded, it just is. If you want to shred, you can. I know that’s the easy answer, but really, the reason you want shredded chicken is that if you shred it, you can shred it again.

Shredded chicken is the same as shredded, but you can shred it again.

This is really important because it keeps the chicken from getting wet and messy. If you don't shred it, you would have to take it from the fridge, and if it is wet you would have to wash it and dry it. You might not like that.

Shredded chicken is a very simple matter to prepare. Just set the oven to the lowest temperature possible, and put the chicken in the oven until it is tender and slightly pink. Remove from the oven, let the chicken rest, and then shred the meat. You can shred it a couple of times, or just shred it once.

This is the most common way I have to shred chicken.

I don't think that has any effect on the amount of time it takes to do this. I don't have to shred it, I just have to cut the meat. If I shred a chicken, it is fine. If I shred a whole chicken, it is not. But if I shred a whole chicken, it is not.

To be clear, shredding is the process of cutting the flesh off the bones. The meat is still intact, but you have to cut through the meat and remove the flesh from the bones. This makes the process slower, but you are doing it the right way. Shredding is when you remove the meat from the bones. By definition, a shredded chicken is not a whole chicken. It is a separate piece of meat that has been cut into bite-sized pieces.

So the same kind of logic applies to shredding: There is no such thing as a whole chicken. You can shred a whole chicken. But that's not the same as a whole chicken.

As it turns out, the meat that you cut is made of skin, bones, and fat. The bones are most likely just old meat remnants. The fat is the meat’s original fatty meat. So by removing the meat from the bones, you are essentially removing the meat from the bones.


I’m thinking of a situation where you’re about to start shredding chicken.

You have a bowl of bones. You take a big chunk of the fat off of the chicken and you pull it apart, and in the process, you’re also removing the skin and the muscle. You are, in essence, shredding the chicken.

The meat is actually part of the meat of the chicken. If you remove the meat from the chicken, it's the chicken that will be shredded. And that's where the meat is from.

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